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  1. You are 2 1/2 hours from the Cherohala Skyway in Graham County. The road climbs to 5700' and never closes..Take NC 143 West. You have an excellent chance of seeing snow
  2. Biggest flakes in several years started about 30 minutes ago..All the way down to valley floor in Graham County
  3. 1-2" in Graham County..Roads are getting pretty bad.. Heaviest band we've had all year came through about an hour ago
  4. Yep..Me and you know that but 90% of the public does not..Type in Robbinsville,NC on intellicast or and you will get 3-5 inches of snow tomorrow.. Ridiculous
  5. Such a shame . Graham County schools (NC)are cancelled tomorrow because the school system uses, and weather underground for weather forecast..They all say 3-5 inches of snow tomorrow. NWS says 20% chance of flurries.. Partly Sunny!! It's a shame these outlets can put out such ridiculous forecast that people's livelihood depends on. Has anyone else in WNC checked their local forecast on any of these websites?
  6. If you will look at the radar returns for the storm, the snow in East Tennessee came up from the southwest out of Alabama and Georgia. Never did the snow build back into Tennessee out of the east from North Carolina
  7. The storm was medicore at best in my Southwest mountain community. However,forecast by the NWS for my area was spot on. Radar returns before the storm told me alot. Living here for almost 50 years, I have never seen a powerhouse storm that was preceded a few hours before with snow flurries and snow showers. If the radar does not show one large consolidated precipitation field that stretches from the Gulf around Louisiana moving into the mountains ,then the storm is not going to produce heavy uniform amounts throughout the mountains. There were many breaks in the precipitation field. I realized then that forecast would probably bust. Also, after the main precipitation field cleared the mountains,there was talk of backbuilding of the precipitation once the upper low passed by. I have never seen precipitation back build once it clears the mountains. Some were saying it would even backbuild all the way to Knoxville. This never happened . I don't know that it ever has. The only way to get more snow in the mountains once the man precipitation field has passed is through Northwest flow snow. Sometimes a little radar watching goes a long way. I don't care what the models are showing
  8. The main thread is depressing. Major forecast bust so far downeast. Heavy rain in Raleigh and snow totals lowered to 2".. Im afraid the entire forecast may bust. Great snow rates now but the backend looks to be moving through. If the models missed downeast, I'm afraid they may miss the "backbuilding" that has been forecasted. Lets cross our fingers and enjoy while it last.
  9. Guys this thing is racing to the east. Clearly not on a good trajectory for the mountains bordering TN at the moment
  10. Has anyone noticed the point and click forecast that GSP has put out? Almost all Southwest mountain towns are only showing 2-4 " storm total accumulations.(Sylva,Waynesville,Franklin,Robbinsville,etc) Strange how they ignore the models,yet their Winter storm Warning product states 4-7" with locally higher amounts..Very confusing to say the least. Makes Boyer look like a genius
  11. GFS ticked NW again..if this holds precip should begin to play catch up..hopefully
  12. Everyone must be discounting the EURO.. Winter Storm Watches and Warnings going up in Tennessee..Up to 8 inches in mountains..5 inches around Knoxville