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  1. I'm just across the hill from you Tellico in Robbinsville,'s raining..42°..2500' elevation
  2. Not to worry.. folks say the radar site is down.. radar must control snow output
  3. Huntsville radar site is down,thus making radar look ragged
  4. It's what I've been saying for hours but nobody wanted to face the truth
  5. Returns are disappearing from Chatty north's moving so fast now there will be no time for redevelopment I'm afraid
  6. Is that a major dry slot coming up the valley?
  7. Maybe so but I'm just looking at northern Alabama.. getting ragged
  8. GSP saying rain in the mountains for several hours today before the changeover
  9. Radar returns appear to be getting shredded entering south east Tennessee in the last few loops
  10. Hey man,where do you get this radar with the vcp?
  11. Wow at Texas in the last 30 minutes..radar lighting up like a Christmas tree
  12. This looks much more realistic to me..never in 50 yrs of living in these mountains have I ever saw a band of heavy snow moving out of Tennessee, going poof once it hits the NC mountains, then reemerging in the peidmont.These models show the band holding together through the mountains which is normally what happens 99% of the time.
  13. GSP basically saying rain from 1pm-7pm,then snow from 7pm-8pm..then it's over. Never thought rain would be a problem in the mountains
  14. GSP not excited at all..only posted 3 mountain counties under a WWA, and for only above 3500' at that. What is surprising is they are giving 3-4 hours of the mountains...?
  15. You are very fortunate to get a conductor job with the railroad with no experience.. My father worked almost 40 yrs with Norfolk Southern and my brother in-law is the Chief Operating Officer of Genesee Wyoming Railway
  16. This may interest some of you guys..Don't think the air is too dry..The radar returns you see on the TN and NC border in the mountains is not virga..Look closely at the picture and you can see that it is now snowing above 5000'
  17. Now this is strange..the radar returns in the Mountains along the TN line is not just virga..Look closely at the picture and you can see that it is snowing above 5000'in Graham County,NC.. quite a surprise I would think
  18. The mountain forum will suck without you...don't go. Lol
  19. Could we get in on some good wrap around if this low bombs off the coast?