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  1. I don't think he even looked at the 6Z ..He said this is the first time GFS has shown anything like these totals..Met ,12 Z shows you with well over a foot!!
  2. Boyer just give update on Twitter..Said the 12Z snow totals were wrong and that he would not be changing his forecast.Said GFS is the outlier.He's still says 1-3" area wide..Starnge
  3. What kind of ratios would we be talking about in the mountains.? Could accumulations be higher than what's actually shown if this GFS run verifies?
  4. The Eruo giveth and the Eruo taketh..On to next storm..If there is one
  5. Well GSP now putting out accumulations in forecast discussion..1-3 inches for the mountains...Not very exciting to say the least.
  6. Well this is a surprise..It is pouring the snow in Graham County all the way to the valley floor!!
  7. Not hardly Moonhead.. Snowbird is a very rugged community in Graham County that leads into wilderness area with 5500' peaks.
  8. Yea it's terrible..can't even get NWFS with all this cold air flying around..these 5000-6000 ft. mountains don't deserve this..Mid December and I haven't seen a flake.
  9. 2" of snow in Robbinsville.. Much more I'm hearing on the Cherohala
  10. Moderate snow in Graham County for about the last 30 minutes.. Having a very tough time sticking
  11. Hard to get excited when GSP onlys hints with a little rain/snow mix with NO accumulation.. They are right 95% of the time
  12. GSP does not even acknowledge the possibility of a storm for the mountains
  13. GFS looked really good..Showing some 3-6" amounts. Possibly one of the better NWF's of the year
  14. Even looks like rain for the cold air out front. I think we are probably done now.