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  1. Agreed but I always cut totals a bit because almost nothing works out perfectly.
  2. If the 18z GFS is remotely right on the new QPF to come, the blue area is 5+ inches of NEW snow. Coming in 2 rounds Friday AM and the Friday night. Enjoy everyone. This isnt a model snow map but straight QPF.
  3. Probably 3 inches on Beech and still coming down. Friday into Friday night looks good for another 1-3 on top of what happens the rest of today.
  4. 25 and ripping on Beech. Living this one thru my webcams. Meanwhile getting flashlight flakes in Dahlonega..GA .yahoo Cam_East-224250-224259.mp4
  5. Coming down pretty good on Beech. I love how the webcam at night can make it look like a blizzard. Lol Cam_East-191544-191552.mp4
  6. Changing to snow here at 4650 on Beech. Temp is 36.9. Let the fun begin.
  7. This is giving me the itch to make a trip to Beech Wednesday
  8. 12z NAM and GFS both really upped the ante for late Wednesday into Thursday. Solid 3+" for most above 4k feet.
  9. Good luck to all tomorrow. I'll be living this one out in Dahlonega GA but checking my cams on Beech.
  10. Covered again and coming down decent. Lol Cam_East-213521-213529.mp4
  11. Nice. Here over on Beech at 4650. Not trying to be a party pooper but the 3k NAM often overdoes NW flow type snow events.
  12. Grandfather Mountain poking thru the clouds right before sunset.