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  1. Finally pouring snow at 4650 on Beech. Ground is starting to turn white just a bit. But temp is still 33.8.
  2. Here are the Kuchera and 10:1 maps. 3k Nam is very bullish on backside moisture swinging down through northern Al and then GA and then up through western NC. Basically around the base of the ULL. In my opinion I think elevations over 4k are good for 2+ inches while everyone else will struggle with surface temps for accumulations. We are getting closer to the wheel house range of the 3k NAM (inside 24hrs) so it can't be ignored despite the rest of the other models looking BLEH.
  3. 3.34 here in Dahlonega GA. 2.33 so far on Beech Mtn with a max wind gust of 52. 12z 3k NAM sure is bullish on the snow Saturday.
  4. Yes indeed. GFS, FV3 and Euro all trended further south and show some lee low development with prolonged snow Friday night through most of Saturday. If this trend holds I'll be making a drive up from GA for one more snow.
  5. Pouring fat flakes here at 4650 on Beech. Ground is turning white.
  6. Agreed. Looks like the late evening stuff went south of me. Sitting at 30 with plenty of fog. Bring on warmth. LOL
  7. Solid inch on the ground here at 4650 on Beech. Still steady snow with a temp of 30.8. Nice event for what was expected. Wish I was there as I'm living this through my webcams. LOL
  8. Pouring snow here at 4650 on Beech. 32.8 with everything turning white.
  9. Just started pouring snow here at 4650 on Beech. Let's see how long this will last. Ground is turning white quickly. Temp is 28.8
  10. Received a light dusting this morning with a few flakes still flying as the sun is starting to pop out. Bottomed out at 6.2.
  11. Flakes are flying again here on Beech. Super light but flakes non-the-less. Temp is down to 13 already. Snow flurries and snow showers should max out towards sunrise then end quickly in the AM. Thursday night early Friday is looking...MEH.
  12. I would expect more flurry and snow shower action tonight. 850s crash tonight and 850mb RH goes to 95%+. Probably similar timing as last time with near midnight start but ending quicker Wednesday morning. More of a novelty than anything else. Maybe someone will get lucky and get another 1/2 inch. Single digits will be common above 3500 feet.