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  1. Down here at the beginning of the Apps in Dahlonega GA. Light snow Temp is 35.0 and falling
  2. Right at 2 inches here on Beech and still steady snow falling and 10.8.
  3. Snowing pretty good here on Beech and you can see the change to NW flow snow on the radar. Hopefully it can save the day as the front end was just a dusting.
  4. Solid coating here at 4650 on Beech. Maybe half inch or so. Too bad the models really shunted the main band of the precip south the past few days our this could have been a decent event.
  5. Torch on Beech. 38 and rain. CAD shield worked to perfection.
  6. 27.1/21.5 here on Beech. 39 and rain in Dahlonega GA
  7. Operation torch in effect here on Beech. LOL. Talk about a temp rise since midnight. My spot is not that great for CAD so we shall see how this unfolds over here. HIGH: 35.8°Fat 11:40 AM LOW: 12.9°Fat 12:00 AM
  8. 1.5 here at the other end of the mountains in Dahlonega GA.
  9. Pouring snow at the south end of the mountains here in Dahlonega GA.
  10. I feel comfortable saying 6-8 inches. At my location the winds really whip and blow the snow so it makes it difficult to find a good spot to get a solid measurement. Lol. Went to bed with about 2-3 so overnight was a big plus. Maybe picked up another inch during the daylight hours. Skied sugar mtn this after and you would never had know it snow up top as it was a solid sheet of ice with 40+mph winds. The lower half of the mountain was decent though.
  11. Down to 22.8 with drizzle quality snow going on here on Beech. Somewhere between a 1/2 to 1 inch so far.
  12. It's going to be interesting to see how much more you get then me here on Beech as the best will be south of my area. 35.4 here on Beech at 4650 with liquid snow falling.
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