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  1. If everything goes as planned that heavier batch moving in from TN should turn back to snow and end as snow before it all moves out sometime after 3pm.
  2. 26 and almost an inch already here at 4650 on Beech Mtn. Made it up for this deal.
  3. So far at least a half inch here at 4650 on Beech. Maybe we can eek out an inch.
  4. Easily my best snow rates yet. Coming down at a good clip with nickel size flakes. Radar looks good to our north as that next batch of moisture moves south out of VA. 850s will cool throughout the day which should increase snow efficiency and we get rid of the less than ideal conditions for flake production with low level moisture.
  5. Pretty much same here on Beech. Our best snow is supposed to happen today. Unfortunately my original 2-4 inch forecast might verify for us. Not happy about that. Lol
  6. Stoked for this event on Beech. I'm actually up here to witness this one.
  7. I'm still feeling pretty good about a general 2-4 inches above 4000 ft.
  8. Personal thinking is 2-4 inches for elevations above 4k. Starts probably before midnight Sunday night ending sometime on Tuesday. If 850 temps were colder I would be more confident on higher amounts.
  9. I'm not sure what you are referring to. Last 3 GEFS look great. As does the 12z operational. The synoptic features have wiggled a bit but the flow event still looks pretty much the same. Verbatim 12z GFS is 6-12 for elevations above 4k in my opinion.
  10. Verbatim the 12z GFS is a 6-12 inch flow snow event Sunday night (Dec 1st) lasting through Monday. Long way to go before it gets here. EURO isn't nearly has robust but still has a multi inch event.
  11. The last of my inch of snow will vanish today. Pic is sunrise today looking towards Grandfather Mtn Next opportunity is perhaps Sunday night into Monday.