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September Banter 2023

George BM

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1 hour ago, H2O said:

Cousins is guaranteed to do Cousins things every game. Those are:

fumble while getting sacked and throw a INT at the worst time

I don't know if you saw the first fumble.  The RG (who is just awful) started to pull immediately and managed to jab his left arm into Kirk as he was collecting the snap.  So, our RG effectively stripped the QB near the red zone in a game we lost by 3.  Payback for all the good luck last year.

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/stands up on soap box/

I am once again asking tv and radio meteorologists to choose their adjectives more carefully. The 1-3F below normal temps coming this Thursday-Saturday are way less an “autumn preview” than the current 5-8F above normal temps are a “summer continuation”. Stop normalizing above normal temperatures!

/stands down off soap box/


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4 hours ago, CAPE said:

I was in and out, but woke up just in time to see the punt return.

Rodgers lasts 4 plays, and his season is likely over.

I legit feel bad for that franchise and their fans this time. They finally had all the pieces they needed...they have a great defense, a great RB in Breece Hall, good receivers...but now no Rodgers, smh Talk about a bad luck franchise--sheesh.

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3 hours ago, CAPE said:

At 40, you would think. Plus he seemed content with hanging it up prior to his cave experience or wth it was.

what a way to end a career. switch teams for one more go at something, do a whole hbo hardknock series, everyone is hyping your start, only to be done after 4 plays

you love to see it, couldn't have happened to a better dude

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I'd imagine Rodgers, after the dust settles, rehabs and comes back for 1-2 years. He's not done in NY. That story is still being written. Zach will stink their way to an 8-9 record. Aaron back next year and they start this all over again.  Not retiring. 

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