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Jan 28-29th Baroclinic Rider

Chicago Storm

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16 minutes ago, Hoosier said:

Definitely think LOT will expand the advisory southward with the afternoon package to account for icing.

Temps could be around 28-30 in part of the icing area.  The warm layer aloft is not obnoxiously warm (no 10C or something like that) so raindrop temperatures won't be extremely warm.  This combined with rates that should be mostly light would suggest not much, if any qpf being "wasted"

Would think IWX would issue one too for the far northwest counties. Get the word out now about the freezing rain threat. I’ve seen what happens when salt isn’t out down on roads before just a tenth of an inch of glaze adds up…it ain’t pretty.

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38 minutes ago, hawkeye_wx said:

Kind of a stinker over here.  The main band only dropped 1.9" in my yard.  The tail might drop another half inch later.  I finally got into a band with a solid rate this morning, but it lasted about ten minutes.  The south models (Canadian, Euro) were wrong for Iowa.

We're only at about an inch here, but it's been interesting enough it's not been too much of a letdown accum wise.  Still hoping for another inch or so if late afternoon/evening can keep producing like many models show.

Gotta enjoy it now, looks very benign again after this event.

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4 minutes ago, cyclone77 said:

Nice baroclinic zone with this.  It's 19 in Rockford with heavy snow falling, and sunny and 52 in Springfield.  Two whole different worlds of weather there.

We were talking about it the other day, and it's no surprise that the models generally underdid the warming to some extent south of the front.

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Today would’ve been fun weather for the Norge Ski Jump. 

Steady as she goes. Hard to say if we’ll get much a lull. Looks like about 2.5” new out there but I haven’t done a proper measurement as the kids have kept me busy with their excitement.

Rates have been solid. Flakes have been fluffballs under the good returns. Keep it comin.


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