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  1. I gotta say, I am loving this 90 and dews in the upper 60s
  2. The only reason that the national numbers have plateaued is because New York is in decline while the rest of the country seems to be stable to increasing. well. Excluding South Carolina of course.
  3. Yes finally. That has destroyed the last few opportunities we had recently.
  4. Driving down to FL sometime next week for x number of days too. Need a change of pace. I love severe afternoon storms in FL heat. I’m headed to Destin. Where is this?
  5. Let’s try to get excited about a marginal threat tomorrow.
  6. Interesting. Found this from a friend. https://www.nationalreview.com/2020/05/coronavirus-crisis-ron-desantis-florida-covid-19-strategy/
  7. South Carolina is #30 in terms of cases. They are also #29 in terms of testing out of 30. Maybe the state needs to test more.
  8. Anticipating warmth and humidity this weekend.
  9. The problem is they no one really knows if this is seasonal or not.
  10. yeah that was my question too. If a BMI of 30 is considered overweight, then a lot of the population has a 'pre-existing' condition.