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  1. Nothing yet at my office in Oak Brook.
  2. How come you don't go for you pilots license? More than half of the knowledge is weather based - you'd enjoy it I think.
  3. 5 days out is 5 days too many to figure it out
  4. After today’s lousiness I’ll come here instead
  5. Developing nicely on the ILX radar. Nice lake effect into western cook as well.
  6. Impressive severe weather risk down south for Jan 11.
  7. I'm hoping for some good photos of 2 story high waves on Lake Michigan
  8. Was slated to get some hours of flight training in this Saturday but opted not to. Bad start to the weekend if you’re on a flight in or out.
  9. Should be a fun weekend. Hope the precip verifies as such. Minus the ice.
  10. The best case scenario is that none of that verifies
  11. Man NAM slowed way down. Still impressive on 3-4" totals. Sets up a quazi line of storms down the mississippi river from STL down, which would think if better organized would allow moisture to flow north.
  12. I strangely remember that. I missed the change over but man it was pouring then. The QPF numbers on this though for early Jan are still pretty impressive.
  13. Crazy precip estimates for this time of year.
  14. More to emphasize the broad range of possiblities.... The avg person should read that as the lighter areas expect impactful travel and in the darker areas, more so but uncertainty as to exactly where this far out...
  15. So early, this will be fun to watch over the next 3 days. Emotions run high.
  16. Ugh. Euro off to a good start for the season. Can’t believe we’re talking 3”+ on 11/11.
  17. I'll go with 95 - 101 - 94 Thurs - Sat at ORD. This is honestly better than snow precip.
  18. Speedy recovery. I hope you heal up soon.
  19. Was just under that. No wind. Heavy rain though (0.25 in about 10 minutes) and penny hail. Decent storm.