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  1. I do agree that I’d like more transparency as to why the sudden increase in infections and where they are attributed to. I’ve seen conflicting reports on gyms, restaurants and the like.
  2. I’m not saying a change at the top would make this go away - we’re too far in at this point. But perhaps a more unified approach from either party. it doesn’t help when the person in charge tells everyone to not let this run their lives and defy what has been proven to work.
  3. Facebook groups have popped up for places defying the shutdown orders. if everyone wants to defy the orders then what’s their solution?
  4. I mean.... look at this map - it’s a train wreck https://www.covidexitstrategy.org/
  5. Nothing will be changing because there is no coordinated leadership behind this. one can say China is FOS with their numbers butt then explain Hong Kong and Singapore
  6. Crazy stuff. I think we’ve all been there. Glad to hear you’re on the mend.
  7. Do you know where you contracted it from?
  8. Ironic that this is now growing at a faster rate, just about two weeks after the President told us not to fear COVID, no?
  9. I guess I dont understand - is this a "you cant tell me what to do" type scenario or do people just not care who gets sick? I dont understand how this is all going down like it is and why. Yes i know it has to do with gatherings and no distancing.. but why are people not adhering what is being recommended??
  10. I picked up dinner last night via carry out from a restaurant and noticed that the place was packed and the bar nearly full as was the last night for indoor before that was shut down. Only people I saw wearing masks were the employees and those coming in and out for carry out.
  11. Illinois needs to learn from U of I - with their 0.13% positivity rate https://splunk-public.machinedata.illinois.edu/en-US/app/uofi_shield_public_APP/home
  12. Today is stacking up to be ugly for the case count. Less than 1/3 of states reporting and totals already at 22k
  13. I take this - pretty quality https://www.xymogen.com/formulas/products/5571
  14. Had 2.89 IMBY. Power outage from lightning too. Quality 2am stuff.
  15. More proof that this isn’t a joke https://popculture.com/trending/news/fitness-influencer-dmitriy-stuzhuk-dead-33-due-coronavirus-insisting-hoax/
  16. Sounds like the perfect time to hold a non social distancing rally with no mask requirements
  17. Feels like things are progressively getting worse and no actions taken. I wish there was more demographic info as to where these increases are coming from.
  18. He's not, but they didn't shut down before, so why would they this time around? I was in Florida in May, no one gave a crap which is how their June- August ended up like it did.
  19. 40,000 + cases during a weekend is significant , considering reporting is low.
  20. The above article states this:
  21. Hmm... not sure what to think of this https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/29/health/coronavirus-testing.html
  22. You're hardcore pushing for the 98, as I would too. party on
  23. Then that's a SC issue. Most healthcare places around here require testing - some weekly. Explains IL at 52k tests per day...