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  1. That coupled with the fact that the weather balloons were a bust earlier today
  2. But GFS extends more in upper IN, lower MI and NW OH.
  3. As time has gone on, MI and IN have really lost out on this as it’s sheared out. IA the clear winner here
  4. Some concerns have come up with regard to vaccine effectiveness on the mutations. Unfortunately, there isn't enough evidence to support either outcome. Initially it was said that the European strain was more contagious but not more deadly, now we are hearing that may not be the case. Again, not enough evidence to support either as it is hard to know how long this has persisted. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/uk-variant-covid-mortality/2021/01/22/86023180-5cd6-11eb-a849-6f9423a75ffd_story.html
  5. where's the guy that said northern counties were screwed? lol
  6. Yeah I was referring to the original... that's what I was looking for thanks...there's no real gradient here to work with like that storm did and all there is to contend with is NAO block Be interesting to overlay this storm track with that one when all is said and done.
  7. Being that you're about 10-15 miles to my west, I second that.
  8. Out of curious, how much deeper was the GHD pressure this far out?
  9. unfortunately this is very true. it's been crap for a while.
  10. consensus has really trended in the right direction. Euro and ukie had all the goods early on.
  11. I spent 20 minutes looking for that - can you post the link from weather.gov?
  12. I like when you do this - puts perspective. I dont know how you overlay those images, but keep doing it. I think it helps everyone with perspective and to think twice before commenting... wink wink. thanks for doing this
  13. I’m at the 294/88 junction feeling confident.
  14. Compared to yesterdays: Loaded more west but keeps a more southern track
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