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  1. Visibility down to about 1/8 mile now under this band.... good stuff
  2. about 2" of sloppy seconds from the band off the lake in western cook county, east of 294, south of 88
  3. I can see the band from my house about 5 miles to the east moving in. Stout.
  4. Per LOT - and already Ricky questioned why the warnings weren’t extended earlier Made no changes to the location of the Winter Storm Warnings with this update with explicit deterministic amounts near to just under criteria for a 24-hour period, but note that based on the incoming guidance, imagine we`ll need to consider upgrades to Winter Storm Warnings for some of the area, perhaps Livingston, Grundy, the rest of Will, DuPage, and Lake IL counties. Will let the mid shift get one more look at things, but have bumped totals up a bit across the board with this update.
  5. There's been no planning for a rollout and just "left up to the states" even thought multinational corporations are the ones handling it.
  6. says a lot when this guy agrees
  7. been a while since a non science person entered the scene
  8. ^ this and the confusion sets in
  9. I can't imagine breathing that air in.
  10. So posts about the block go in this thread? We've had so many threads.
  11. I know its a weekend/Sunday and all, but last time we were at 89k cases was beginning of November.
  12. If we would have had more funds and research to testing the variants, we would have known that it was here much earlier than we think.
  13. This is that time of year we dread. Bone chilling cold. difference this time around is that there’s at least a bunch of systems to track.
  14. So confused. Could use a Sparta map or two or even a mention of a block to clear this up.
  15. ORD plumes for this are slightly above 3 and then jump to 8 for the next round Sunday. Four of them are 12+ by Sunday
  16. LOL true. Just made me think
  17. I feel like with all of these variants, we won't be able to keep up and know all the differences. I read about something new in Iowa I thought?
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