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  1. The point is we all have options. Instead of crying about something so trivial as wearing a mask because it is ‘required,’ no one is aging anyone has to go anywhere that is requiring such. Same as the vaccine ‘passport’ - don’t want to ‘deal’ with it, don’t go to a show. Just so sick of people not willing to follow simple rules that science has proven to be effective.
  2. You don’t have to go to a grocery store. Order online or email it in since wearing a mask is more painful than a hangnail.
  3. Government isn’t requiring you to do anything if you don’t agree with it. Stupid is as stupid does.
  4. Now we are complaining about a vaccine passport? First complain about masks, now that? Quit bitching and do what you’re asked, is that so tough?
  5. The second moderna shot is a duesy! Literally lasted 24 hours of crappiness from hour 12-36 and then went away as quickly as it came on.
  6. This should go into effect after a certain % of the population has been vaccinated. Indiana isn't at 1 million yet fully vaccinated right? Thats what, 16%?
  7. I’m still waiting on an explanation as to why something like wearing a mask is political
  8. lol... 5 weeks ago, we'd be losing it at this alone
  9. For a state with a positivity rate still in the 20s, this is the stupidest thing yet. Sounds like clowns making decisions.
  10. Masks aren't going anywhere for a while.
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