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12/11 - 12/12 First Flakes, First Accumulating Snow for some, Rain Discussion & Observations


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2 hours ago, BxEngine said:

Dont even care if the most pessimistic of models end up too high here. Christmas music playing, cookies being decorated, sunday sauce on the stove, and snow is falling. 

Few things are more comforting and pleasing than the smell of Sunday sauce/gravy slowly cooking on the stove all day. 

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9 minutes ago, MANDA said:

Currently 31.4 degrees.  Total snow so far .30" on all but paved/concrete surfaces.  Bursts of light snow with large flakes.




Good afternoon MANDA. Magnificent photos. Sadly living in a UHI inner city, near ocean location the best I can come up with is mixed precipitation falling, consisting of rain and oak leaves. Stay well, as always ….

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17 hours ago, Tatamy said:

Upton more bullish for LI overnight, mainly from potential IVT.  

The rain/snow line will shift south as the night progresses. While
inland areas will have snow during this period, anticipating rain
changing to a rain/snow mix or all snow for most of the coastal
areas as the precipitation is shifting out the area after midnight.
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