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  1. Been beautiful all day in Westchester. I knew enough not to bother with Long Island today! 85F at 4pm
  2. 49F in Lake Placid this morning
  3. Well the warm patterns usually win in this climate. But if this were November and I was looking for signs of the season ahead, I would say the core of the seasonal temps would be to our west and we would get shafted. Of course its June and all of our summers are Humid and Hot as of late so it will arrive eventually. But as I sit here with Montana-like summer temps on my back patio with all the windows open and no bugs…Im pretty happy with the current forecast. 69F at 9 pm
  4. 58F now. Stiff wind that is gusty. Many small branches down. Heat on for the kids. In Orlando all week…close to 100F. I will take this any day. Nice Fathers Day present haha
  5. Along the water, anything is fair game. Even when we used to get strong storms along the North Shore when I was a kid, you could see it coming on the water. Simply amazing how fast the weather changes
  6. It’s such an interesting phenomenon because you lose the offshore breeze. Very unique setup
  7. That is so interesting! How much did it warm up?
  8. 2 am was action time in Hastings. Lot of rain, woken by thunder
  9. Nice sky in Wading River this morning. Sprinkles jus beginning
  10. No we arent. Too much potent heat early on this year. This is going to be a hot, humid summer
  11. Bring on the backdoor! 91F in Hastings. Too early for this shit
  12. Those graphs always are
  13. And this is from a persistent on shore flow which moderates coastal and adjacent areas but does nothing for inland areas? Very interesting
  14. It is the depth of the warmth in the North Country that is amazing. Mountain Climates running 3-5 degrees above normal changes the whole dynamic for plants/animals etc.
  15. What gap are you talking about? Major line building and moving in fast for metro area
  16. To early for this garbage. Nice out at 7pm
  17. That’s not hard to do if the weekend prior has record warmth haha
  18. I believe it. I lived in Astoria from 11-15. In the summer I never lived any place hotter or more miserable in terms of humidity than Astoria. It was a stagnant fetid air that didn’t move at all. The night time was the worst.
  19. Dont get heat like that anymore! Wow! It is plays a great background in the book the Bronx is Burning
  20. Yeh I am with you. Cool and dry and lots of sprinkler time without much success with the grass seed. Glad mother nature is picking it up a bit
  21. It is the overnight lows. The cold overnight temps keep the the plants dormant longer than the city itself. The urban heat island is particularly effected by the moist air. I imagine that NYC will increasingly see longer growing seasons and increased sub-tropical plantings
  22. The posts from the city about spring are funny. Not even a leaf on a tree or a bud for a leaf in westchester with a stiff wind last night. If you told me it was still winter I would’ve believed you. Late leaf our coming this year
  23. This is April weather. What you’re looking for is not early April weather haha
  24. Yeah I didn’t hear a thing. and those storms were just sitting to the west of me. Fizzled out
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