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  1. Hello Humidity. Missed you for a day :/
  2. Absolutely stormy on the beach in Wading River. If you had your boat out depending on NWS forecast, they would have screwed you with 1 foot or less call on waves. Winds easily gusting to 25 mph. Delightfully September-like
  3. Dont engage with him. Not worth your effort. After the last few weeks of extreme humidity, today did have a cool, September-like feel. You are 100 percent correct
  4. Surprisingly pleasant this morning! 69F
  5. It is especially noticeable on Eastern Long Island now too. The increased humidity levels are driving much higher overnight mins from 2010 onward.
  6. Raining currently in Westchester. Northern areas should do okay with current storms
  7. Yeah. This isnt the post of a professional. Peace out.Have a nice day man
  8. The problem is you lose credibility as a Real Live Professional when you harass members like you did to me yesterday. I love hearing what you guys think, but the public harassment I have witnessed and the many deletions I have received when I had a question about a post of yours puts you into the unprofessional (at least on this forum) category.
  9. Dude that was 3 weeks ago. Stop harassing me. Plain and simple Not to mention I have had numerous posts where I responded to you deleted by you or one of your friends. So get off the soap box and stop harassing another user. And get an Air Conditioner dude. It is 84 degrees in your house.
  10. They have to. Centigrade scale is less precise. Each degree is worth a lot more vs F
  11. What an active day! Another line approaching from the west.
  12. Lots of flooding in Westchester. I hope that was the last batch for the sake of my basement
  13. Radar sure likes this week
  14. Northern suburbs (that didnt do well with pop up storms this weekend) are doing well with this front. Much needed in Westchester
  15. Wall of rain approaching the Shoreham/Wading River Line
  16. You still never told me what station you were referring to when you told me it was the warmest July ever on the 10th
  17. Last week when I said it was cool and dry like summers of “yesteryear” you told me that it wasnt. So what went bye bye??
  18. I cant even keep up with the bust calls…all for conflicting reasons. A scattered thunderstorm on a sort of hot day. Everyone breathe
  19. I said there’s a couple of days ago. It has been a long time since we’ve had a summer this dry.
  20. Foliage? Sorry, couldnt resist
  21. My nearest ASOS is having its warmest July ever thus far? Care to expand on that sir?
  22. But isnt it noteworthy that this summer: -Is fairly normal temp wise -Has low humidity -Has cool overnight temps? If the Abnormal Extreme has become expected, isnt its absence noteworthy? Im certainly talking about it thus far! 65F this morning in Westchester. The summer of yesteryear continues…:)
  23. I have to ask a silly question…it almost seems as if posters on this forum are rooting for extreme heat and humidity. Why? 73F, Low humidity. Beautiful evening.
  24. What would drive the change to a typical La Niña pattern though? Surely hasnt been present through now
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