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  1. I said this 2 weeks ago. Never say never, but pretty sure it’s over
  2. The problem is people are trying to make every moderate size event a once in a lifetime event. If you saw 2015-2016 you likely won’t see that again. That is the kind of storm you tell your grandkids about. I’ve heard stories about cars being buried in snow in NYC and didnt believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. And yes the storms are getting bigger and more frequent, but the set of circumstances that allow a perfect storm like that are only going to occur once twice or three times in a human lifetime. People don’t want to hear that, particularly in the sensationalist age, but it’s the truth
  3. Most of the sub forum is well below normal as that blizzard only produced big for immediate coast In particular HV had a terrible year for snow. Very similar to 2015 in snow gradient… Not quite as extreme
  4. You cant wish a snow storm. You cant hype one either. It is either coming or it isnt. There’s enough collective knowledge on here to know this is a bad set up for a city that has a bad set up for winter weather. There is nothing locking cold air in place The low is all the way over by Buffalo and has been modeled as such for a bit The cold air is marginal It was 70 yesterday NYC is a concrete jungle of humanity that hangs onto heat So despite what any model was telling me, I knew that this was a rain storm for New York City. So did you I deleted my post because I didn’t want to piss in anybody’s Wheaties because I respect the knowledge on this site Sorry this one isnt going to work You may get another shot in March… But you probably wont
  5. Bozeman. Barely eeking out a 0F for the high
  6. Blooms at the Botanical Garden
  7. I should be like you guys talking about a never coming snowstorm when it’s 60 out? No thanks. This will be one of the nicest days of the year…trust me
  8. 56F. Glorious. Top ten day of the year.
  9. Yup. Going to be awful for them and really ruins the rest of the season for them
  10. Even the cold days arent that cold anymore. Sun is strong 34F. Beautiful! Spring is in the air
  11. 18F It really is a shame these 2 cutters have ruined this important ski week They had a brutal Christmas week, then they had a spectacular six weeks for snow making. Most ski areas turn off their guns in mid February and ride it out with their base. Unfortunately, that will not work this year. I know Belleayre turned on their guns yesterday to save this weekend and it looks like they will need to do it again on Thursday to save next weekend. More importantly than us getting snow, I really hope the Catskills get something…Or they are going for a very early end to their ski season
  12. Up in Mt Kisco, totally white South of 287, nada
  13. And that has been the case all winter.
  14. Flying thIs morning. Very impressive wind at 2000. 230/50
  15. 16F in Hastings. That Heat Island in the city really kicks up just before/during a warm up. I wonder, scientifically, why that is.
  16. Yes. Im with you on latching onto MJO 4 weeks out. And mid-march…It’s like the Bengals getting one more shot with just over a minute last night.
  17. Mediocre Probably around 15-20 inches so far…but many more days of snow on ground then places that had more snow like NYC and Nassau. The cold January and even the 13 this morning kept this winter interesting. Had it not been for the cold, I would say bad winter. February looks done. If we eek out anything in March, great
  18. 13F in Hastings Happy Valentines Day!
  19. Shame this didnt occur at night. Would have been a real storm
  20. That sums up westchester. Nice little 2-3 inch storm that mostly accumulated pre day break. Salted roads wet, driveways have accumulation
  21. Hey I’m just noting what kind of snow it is if that was in reference to my post. 2 inches as I said which sure beats expectations
  22. 2 inches in Hastings on Hudson at 7 am. Please note: very wet, spring snow. Little on streets
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