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December 2022 Medium-Long Range Disco


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1 minute ago, Buddy1987 said:

Whats 1,018 miles in distance between Green Bay WI to Chesterfield VA? Because that's where the LP was modeled at 12Z and now where the 0Z shows before going up into DC. That in my book is a huge win for the GFS, even if it is the ICON.

Fish storm by morning for sure 

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5 minutes ago, nj2va said:

Shortwave in AK is more amplified.  Not smart enough to say what it means downstream though.

HR 69 the s/w being more amped is noticeable and standing out vs 18z. The west coast ridge doesn't seem as pronounced either but that's me speculating with extreme amateur eyes. Terp and High Risk could clarify if they so choose to in hopes to provide clarity.

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14 minutes ago, nj2va said:

The ICON is a shitty model but at least it’s a model that took a big step away from the other camp.  Never a good sign when its one model vs everything else so even though its the ICON, still good.

Lol. Night and day from 18z definitely a  move towards the gfs

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Can't help but have visions of Jan 25, 2000 with that front runner area of slp sitting off the se coast. I remember in said storm that was supposed to do similar to what the gfs has been showing ie run out ahead. But I remember with that storm seeing the energy kind of sitting off the se coast but never really moving ENE....it sat and waited for the approaching energy to link up and it came N. Not expecting a repeat but everytime I see that lp sitting off the se coast in these setups I harken back to that event. Heck, I would take a redux of that one In a heartbeat.

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