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35 minutes ago, Rjay said:

It's about 20 degrees colder than Christmas is gonna be. 

Yeah if we go by patterns , we're gonna be warm as ****.by Christmas unfortunately, I also see us reaching 80+ in November 

Fiona came one month earlier then we needed it too. 

Idk **** though , it'd be awesome if we can keep this going through January 





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2 hours ago, eduggs said:

This is the first wintry looking sounding of the season. In fact, the wet bulb temps could almost support wet snow in the highest elevations of the southern Catskills. And it would possibly only take a model error of a few degrees Celsius to get some sleet in parts of NEPA and NNJ. Realistically we're not that close, but there's a feel in the air and a look to the model charts that is reminiscent of winter!

If it was winter, it still wouldn't be snowing here.


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4 hours ago, TWCCraig said:

ISP had the driest summer period (July 1st-August 31st) on record, even drier than the drought of the 60's. Obviously this was a shorter term drought, and if there was really anywhere that had real drought conditions, it was the south shore of LI. So yes, it was a significant drought here and the rain is needed here. Other places faired much better with the rain over the summer, and were only moderately dry. No one should ever compare a drought in the northeast to a drought out west, they are two completely different climates.

At this time of the year it doesn't matter-- we're well into fall and nothing is growing here right now.  Also the reservoirs are fine, so any rainfall deficit doesn't really matter. Not every year has to be way above normal, we've had plenty (too many!) years with too much rain, it's time for things to balance out now.


Also, if you want to water something, you can do so.  Lawns are a waste of space and a waste of resources, so I was done with those years ago.

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Wow, what a morning.  I'm feeling a little caught off guard.  Current is 42 with wind and rain.  I gave up and turned the heat on already the other day.  I'm bringing a space heater to school today since they haven't turned it on for us yet.

This would be quite a blizzard in another few weeks.  

Remnant hurricanes.  Quite a thing.

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Morning thoughts…

Today will rainy, breezy, and unseasonably cool. High temperatures will reach the lower and middle 50s in most of the region. Likely high temperatures around the region include:

New York City (Central Park): 54°

Newark: 55°

Philadelphia: 56°

The cool weather will persist through tomorrow before a brief period of warmer readings arrives.


New York City: 30-Year: 69.0°; 15-Year: 70.3°

Newark: 30-Year: 70.6°; 15-Year: 72.1°

Philadelphia: 30-Year: 71.8°; 15-Year: 73.1°

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