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Severe Weather Threat Week...so many threats!!!


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Just now, J Paul Gordon said:

Wow! Mammatocumulus. That must be sped up. Looks like the mothership entering the atmosphere or the cloud that led Israel out of Egpt. Great picture and video.


Thank you and yes, this is a gif of a time lapse I took. Easier to do this than try to upload a video.

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16 minutes ago, OceanStWx said:

Lightning strike just took out our phones. Brown undies.


15 minutes ago, OceanStWx said:

And the radar...:yikes:


7 minutes ago, OceanStWx said:

Final image from our webcam.


4 minutes ago, Chrisrotary12 said:




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It's like the Whites suck all the juice from convective systems.  Later areas of bright echoes heading at divergent paths toward north and south of here.  Really nice-looking line heading thru the St. John Valley, starting to bow.  (When we lived there, we had fewer TS but more frequent SVR - counterintuitive.)

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