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January 2022 - Obs

Fantom X

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1 hour ago, NorthHillsWx said:

Picked up 1.70” today for a mtd total of 6.53.” Really making our dry fall seem even more distant. High of 37.4 (though this may not be correct as my weather station was coated in ice most of the day) and a low of 25.7 

This must be a dry micro climo here.  Only picked up .67" here

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5 hours ago, NC_hailstorm said:

January temps updated.

AVL  0.0

CLT  +2.5

GSP  +1.1

HKY  +2.1

GSO  +1.5

RDU  +1.8

FAY  +1.6

CAE  +1.9

This surprises me.  I would have thought we would be doing better off, it has just felt more seasonable than that.

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1 hour ago, BornAgain13 said:

We've officially had 4 different days of snow here in Dry Fork, VA so far this winter. Neither storm has been huge but we've totaled to between 7-8" for the winter.... hoping to get a big one soon... another dusting or so tonight 

Y’all have been doing well lately and always compared to us lol.

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