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    Some very good (or bad depending how you look at) videos form the Bahamas here. Edit: I don't know why the videos are so big, I don't know how to make them smaller. https://www.facebook.com/bahamafishing/
  2. qwertyu

    1/16-1/17 Event OBS

    Bird's eye view in Shelby NC. About 4 inches.
  3. Rain in Shelby NC 44°... imby
  4. I'll be going to Charleston to see it.
  5. qwertyu

    Jan 6-8 Winter Storm Observations

    For some reason it's not letting me upload a photo. It's just a tad over 7".
  6. qwertyu

    Jan 6-8 Winter Storm Observations

    Let me go get a measure, I'll photo.
  7. qwertyu

    Jan 6-8 Winter Storm Observations

    My cinder block is starting to look like a stormtrooper!
  8. qwertyu

    Jan 6-8 Winter Storm Observations

    This is a cinder block sitting in front of my building for a step. Everybody know what size a cinder block is, so this is a good reference... and it's still coming down!!!
  9. qwertyu

    Jan 6-8 Winter Storm Observations

    I am in Shelby NC, just west of you, and it has been remarkable! We have basically in the bulls eye with this since about 9:30! We're getting hammered!!!
  10. qwertyu

    Valentine's Day Storm Obs

    This is crazy, it almost seems like a tropical storm! It rains hard, and thunders & lightning, for a few min. then quits for a few, and does it again! All the while teetering on freezing! WOW!!
  11. qwertyu

    Feb. 5th Event

    Sleet in Shelby NC.
  12. qwertyu

    Storm Banter & Complaint Thread, Jan 22-23

    Hahahaha!!! That's pretty good!! LOL!!!!
  13. qwertyu

    October 2015 Observation thread

    I only got 1.7 inches out of this, was hoping for more.
  14. qwertyu

    Feb 18-19 Arctic Attack OBS

    I've got 4 on the north side of Shelby NC.
  15. qwertyu

    Fab February Banter

    Well said, I'm in the same boat as you! Thanks to everyone in this forum!!
  16. qwertyu

    February Banter

    Hey guys, I was wondering if y'all could give me some advice. I'm driving from Shelby NC to Chapel Hill Wed. for the Duke - UNC game. Should I leave Tues. afternoon or do y'all think I would be OK leaving Wed. morning? If I'm reading correct the second heavier wave will be coming in sometime Wed. I understand this is somewhat of an IMBY post but I don't know of anywhere else to go to get advice. I sure can't rely on the TV forecasts!!! Thanks for any advice y'all can give.
  17. qwertyu

    1/28-1/30 SE Winter Storm OBS

    I'm getting patches of sunshine here in Shelby!
  18. qwertyu

    1/28 - 1/30 Storm Thread II

    I don't hardly post, I just read, but i had to chime in here! That is a cool pic.! I've never seen a satellite image from an angle like that!!
  19. qwertyu

    January 6-8 2014 arctic attack obs thread...

    Down to 4 degrees here in Shelby!
  20. qwertyu

    January 6-8 2014 arctic attack obs thread...

    Reporting in from Shelby NC. 6 degrees! It's COLD!!!
  21. qwertyu

    Weather References and Newbie Information

    Thanks for the info. and the links! Very valuable for this noob!!