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  1. My brother said it's coming down in Kings Mountain...might be hope yet...any reports in CLT?
  2. Yea let's hope so...guess the good thing about watching from afar is you can't get angry or anything....just not looking good when GSP cuts you from 10 to 2.
  3. That setup would make sense. I believe Goose said something about this happening all the time in OK and was never picked up by models. Also has it in that Feb of 14 storm which is where the bulk of snow came from in a setup a little like this one as well I believe.
  4. Really sucks! Based on short term models thought this one would be the one finally Charlotte falls on the good luck side of. Hard to argue with GSP at this point but maybe some surprises are still in store for when the really heavy stuff moves in.
  5. GFS brings a second round on Monday. I don't think I've ever seen a clown map for NC on a global that looked like this, this close to an event. Unreal.
  6. 18z GFS is a big hit of snow for WNC/CNC. Much wetter and temps crash as the low gets out to coast. Again probably not worth anything right now.
  7. Not that it matters but 18z GFS looks better than 00z. Looks more in line with short range models with regards to QPF.
  8. Good catch. I wish all sites had the same map types.
  9. Don't have 850 temps but still shows 8 - 12 for GSP to CLT. Insane totals still.
  10. Latest HRR has less snow totals but that's because QPF isn't as far north as the last run.
  11. Like I said in the post, I was just basing this off of p-type maps and QPF totals between the hours P-type was snow. On those maps RDU gets an inch of QPF while P-type is snow.
  12. Thanks as always Phil! Not a bad place to be either in Monterey when it's rain and cold everyone will want to be living vicariously through you.
  13. Here is the HRR snow map...
  14. I think that map looks pretty good Jeremy