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  1. Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    Congrats guys, def. jealous!!!
  2. Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    Congrats Raleigh!
  3. Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    Yea this one is def more kind of clipperish. I remember that one was originally looking like a huge phase but that vort kind of rolled off almost like a ULL. Just was the first thing I thought of as. Being out of the game leaves me not so sharp haha.
  4. Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    Yea man, if I were back home I'd be liking this setup for a good surprise. No plans at the moment but am working on something that could put me back in the US. Still too early to know.
  5. Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    Interesting to watch from afar how dynamic this storm gets for you guys. If that vort stays strong could get forcing and again everything could just dump intensely for a few hours even get some thundersnow in it.
  6. Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    Found the Feb 2013 event I was thinking of. This is what it looked like at 5h on the RAP just before the event vs. NAM. That one dropped around 3 - 4 inches in places in around 2 - 3 hours. We actually had heavy snow warnings during it. <img>
  7. Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    for real though, this sort of reminds me of Feb 2013. Vort was so strong passing overhead you had heavy convective snow. Slightly different setup (that was closer to a ULL) but looking at 7h and the setup I think there's some potential for surprises especially with such cold air involved.
  8. Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    12z NAM doesn't look bad. Could that vort be strong enough to really wring out the atmosphere and drop a few inches in a few hours? Hmmm....
  9. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2017

    Doing good. Made a few posts in the banter thread as we just had an unusual snow storm here in Amsterdam. Got a good 3 inches on the ground with heavy snow (this is a minor miracle here). The weather here actually reminds me a lot of the piedmont in the sense that most snow storms seem to be underwhelming
  10. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2017

    With the Euro at the end of it's run tonight this could make things interesting around Christmas or just after.... big push of arctic air dropping down with an active stream out west. Now can it just verify?
  11. 2017 Banter Thread #1

    For anyone interested. Yesterday in Amsterdam we had around 2 inches on the ground. It snowed heavily for around 4 hours and was probably around an inch an hour but due to it hovering around 33/34 as soon as it'd pile up it'd melt. Due to the proximity to the sea it doesn't get extremely cold here. Made for some beautiful scenery though. We're expecting 3-5 inches this afternoon which should make for a fun bike ride home from work. It doesn't snow a lot here so usually things shut down even if an inch or two falls. Here are some pics I took while out for a walk in the park.
  12. 2017 Banter Thread #1

    Working on a project that may put me back in the states a lot now but looking like April or so. Was down in September for a holiday but my father passed away so spent my time with family. In April though I was planning a trip out west. I'll shoot you a PM.
  13. 2017 Banter Thread #1

    Just living the Amsterdam life! Hopefully all is well on the farm. We actually had some snow today but you talk about a bad BL, here in Amsterdam it's the worst! Also you never really get enough precip at one burst to lay down a good layer to melt the ground. It's almost always a mixed bag here of sleet, snow and rain.
  14. 2017 Banter Thread #1

    Good luck guys! We may get our first snow in Amsterdam on Sunday though NC looks to get more than we would.
  15. 3/11-3/12 Winter Storm

    I don't like that those retreating 2m temps.....This looks a bit more realistic though widespread 2-4 probably around 2 inches due to melting etc..gotta see what the euro says. Good seeing the 540 line deep into NC.