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  1. I don't like that those retreating 2m temps.....This looks a bit more realistic though widespread 2-4 probably around 2 inches due to melting etc..gotta see what the euro says. Good seeing the 540 line deep into NC.
  2. Looking at the GFS this morning it's coming down then starting to retreat. Starting at hour 60 you have a 1044 in the Dakotas...you end up with a 1036 sliding further towards the GL then it retreats right as the storm is coming in. That's what is helping drive the cold air in. Euro has it retreat which ends up making it dud along with a few other things. Given climo I would think you need a 1040 and have it locked in for the duration. I've been out of the game though so I'm probably wrong
  3. Hmm hard for me to get excited about this one and that's not because of being half way around the globe. These things are hard enough to score good on in the heart of winter. My concern is how fast the high will retreat. Just seems a bit sketchy to me. Wouldn't be surprised if this ends up a very cold rain especially in the CLT region.
  4. Looking at webcams it appears there's a good layer on grassy surfaces. What do you think you'll end up with? Around 6?
  5. Congrats on the snow! Amazing how CLT and the immediate area got screwed again. I think I got as much snow in AMS as uptown did.
  6. Brother is closer to Shelby and he has around 3 inches as well. Congrats!
  7. I'm happy to report snow in Amsterdam in Hoofddorpplein! 32 and light snow!
  8. GFS snow totals via Stormvista...
  9. Wow, fun little reversal here. Usually, NAM starts out with absurd QPF then ratchets down.
  10. Worm has gotta turn at some point. FWIW Hi-Res NAM is giving most of Mecklenburg county a lot of ZR and sleet. Totally blanks on snow.....but it also looks suspect even at 2m temps to me.
  11. At some point though cold air has to win out once. This at least seems more like CLT has a chance vs a lot of times where it was obvious at the last minute the warm nose was going to win out. We shall see.
  12. Whoever is right on that line of sleet/snow is going to really cash in. I was a bit worried about this, seems CLT can never avoid mixing issues.
  13. Would love to see the AFD for that one! I'll be watching the meltdown for the first time and not have to worry about meltingdown myself.
  14. You have a 100% chance of wait and see. Gonna be a constant looking out the window and radar for hours to see what happens
  15. You're now entering the NO FUN ZONE!