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  1. Yea couldn’t believe it either. Next week should be better for us in the EU. Getting a good snow storm here in the NL would be perfect for this lockdown.
  2. Yea that switch over will be crucial. It's good though on the NAM has a clear deformation zone is showing up, that's very promising. Also most are pretty north of the low. Someone will be left with a lot of rain while about 30 miles in another direction it could be all snow....but what else is new in the south?
  3. Good luck with the snow everyone! Looks like a fun little sneaky one for NC folks though admittingly I've not been looking at models etc.
  4. It's just crazy that ENC could jackpot near the end of Feb. It'll be super interesting to see the final accumulations out there. Gonna probably be a fun one where if you're just 10 miles away you get totally screwed while they get 2+. Looks good for you though. Gonna be a beaut on the farm!
  5. Looks probable to me. Battle lines in the usual spots of course. I'll bet somewhere along 74 overperforms on this. In about an hour they line up to cliffs as soon as the temp doesn't drop as fast they expect due to evap-cooling .
  6. If you have a few hours def. let me know! Can't say I'll join you in the RLD but coffeeshops and and bars are welcome haha
  7. Meh, I ride a bike everywhere and live in one of the greatest international cities in the world. It's not that bad
  8. Well believe it. Maybe one, some late night for 2 minutes. Temps have stayed in the 35 - 40f range all winter. I think we've had a handful of mornings where the low was below freezing. Maybe one day with a high at freezing for the day? Lots of rain. I was in the Pyrenees Mountains over Christmas and conditions were abysmal for the ski slopes. It's been a horrible winter for most of Europe in general if you're a snow lover.
  9. Rooting for you guys in NC/SC on this one! Haven't even seen a flurry here in Amsterdam this winter so just remember.....it can always be worse!
  10. Have to agree....given how the system looks currently and the setup I have a hard time believing it's that extreme.
  11. My brother said it's coming down in Kings Mountain...might be hope yet...any reports in CLT?
  12. Yea let's hope so...guess the good thing about watching from afar is you can't get angry or anything....just not looking good when GSP cuts you from 10 to 2.
  13. That setup would make sense. I believe Goose said something about this happening all the time in OK and was never picked up by models. Also has it in that Feb of 14 storm which is where the bulk of snow came from in a setup a little like this one as well I believe.
  14. Really sucks! Based on short term models thought this one would be the one finally Charlotte falls on the good luck side of. Hard to argue with GSP at this point but maybe some surprises are still in store for when the really heavy stuff moves in.