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  1. IMO, collage football has the OT correct. To make going last fair, each team switches turns going first.,.
  2. The thing is, neither could the KC defense keep the Bills out of the endzone, thus the argument that a coin toss should not carry so much weight in deciding the outcome..
  3. Upstate folks rooting for a 75-100 mile westward shift lol….
  4. Gotcha. Well, us upstate folks are in the perfect position, given the inevitable NW shift that will come..
  5. Is that green blob over the upstate thundersnow?!?
  6. Well in 2014 he mentioned GSP getting like 14" (as models showed), when we got less than 2". He's learned to mostly take the conservative approach to accumulations, as NWS has, until this. Which is why I'm surprised..
  7. Cant believe Justus would post that graphic (possible 8" in upstate). It's what got him in trouble in his earlier years, and really hurt his reputation..
  8. I know, but anything outside 48 hrs on that model is historically terrible..
  9. Lol…..Ok, whatever that means. It gonna do what it’s gonna do.
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