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  1. And to add to this, looks like the long range has 90s here in the upstate. That'll further dry up the ground, and I'm fearful that we might be looking at a dry, hot summer. Hope I'm wrong..
  2. Just keep it cold & snowy in Utah when I'm there next month!
  3. Yeah, but living in a climate that rarely gets above 70 means you live in the upper mid west. I'll pass!..
  4. Good Lord man, I wouldn't trade Carolina weather with ANYONE! And I've lived here all 51 years of my life..
  5. ...and i hope the West gets winter in Feb into March. Going to P City for Spring break, and the last month has been terrible for snow there..
  6. For upstate folks, Greenville especially, its been a GREAT winter, biggest snowfall in years, and pretty consistently cold the whole month of January. I have to give it an 'A'. I wouldn't mind spring at this point...
  7. Push that low just off the coast about 75 miles and the upstate folks would be very happy!
  8. We also need to remember that what's not good for MBY, might now be the case for someone else's.
  9. That map tells me I need to go to Wolf Ridge ski resort tonight to see the 4-6"...
  10. IMO, collage football has the OT correct. To make going last fair, each team switches turns going first.,.
  11. The thing is, neither could the KC defense keep the Bills out of the endzone, thus the argument that a coin toss should not carry so much weight in deciding the outcome..
  12. Upstate folks rooting for a 75-100 mile westward shift lol….
  13. So happy for the E NC folks. Congrats-that looks awesome!,
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