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  1. Lime, lime, and more lime! That should neutralize the soil, and allow you to get the grass going again...
  2. Give me rain and 70 all day over a big Freezing rain event. Sleet, I can take..
  3. 42 and light rain in Greenville
  4. Thanks. Some here think this is a North Carolina only forum..
  5. Gives the SC upstate folks some love!
  6. That is why a $500 investment in a generator is so worth it, even if its only used every other year!
  7. Yep-that’s the benchmark for anyone under 60 living in the upstate area. 14” of snow. I was in high school at the time, and we were out of school for over a week...
  8. Interesting article..
  9. I like where the Low pressure is centered. The 1028 high, not so much..
  10. That does look awfully good for my backyard. Too bad it’ll change by tonight!!