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  1. this where someone needs to say 'Start a thread' lol..
  2. I'll gladly take the rain over the 90s ANY summer...
  3. Dude, its not July & August yet....sure it'll get worse!
  4. Yep-saw that. Fingers crossed! I cant take this thru Labor Day...
  5. What happened to this? 85 degree highs in May say no.... I'm afraid we're gonna fry this summer.....
  6. Well, at least it might mean a mild spring & summer. I'd take that!
  7. I am so f$%&ing tired of this rain. My God, we could go 3 weeks without a drop and it wouldn't bother me..
  8. Exactly! I could've told you with the warmth we've had, we are SURE to have a cold March!
  9. Good for me-don't any more rain here in the Upstate anyway...
  10. This looks legit, with the snow hole in Western SC..
  11. Well, the only way I'm seeing snow is on my trip to Keystone CO in a week. I guess I better enjoy the snow there, because it ain't happening here!
  12. At least until the next Model runs, or when Orangeburgwx starts a thread about it...
  13. Its got the perfect 'snow hole' right in the Western Upstate, so it must be accurate!