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  1. Yes, but how many times have we seen an unusually cold late November/December, only to see the warmth return during the 'peak' winter timeframe? I'd much rather see it this way!..
  2. Heavy snowfall now...maybe the Grand Finale?
  3. Especially glad for the Pickens/Oconee folks. I know everyone says ‘we ALWAYS get screwed where I live’, but y’all truly do. Glad the tables turn for once
  4. Kendra Kent might be the worst Met in the Greenville area...
  5. Wow-nothing like that here in Greenville. At least not yet..
  6. Not really getting the huge, fat flakes that others to my west were reporting. Don’t think I’m gonna get more than a dusting here..
  7. My girls have a church basketball game at 2. So far still on, but I’ll be mad if I drive over to the game only to find out it’s been canceled
  8. How are the roads there? Starting to whiten up any?
  9. A few flakes visible here at the house,
  10. Nothing off Lauren’s Rd area yet..
  11. Great to hear about Oconee. Where is your temp currently?
  12. Temp up to 33 now near downtown Greenville..good, thick cloud cover now
  13. High clouds rolling into Greenville now (finally). Temp here at the house 26..