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  1. Just keep it out of the Southeast as long as we can! Its hot enough here now..
  2. Sweet! Ready to get my boat out on the water! Gotta find the good in every season!
  3. Agreed. Thinking back to the pre-Christmas threat, when GFS and others were showing action in the SE, but the Euro never caved, and proved to be right. So thinking/hoping its gonna lead the way this time..
  4. You seem to forget 2020. High Christmas day was 30 here in Greenville..
  5. 'EURO is out to lunch and still seems to be handling the energy out west poorly' Why do we always say this when one model doesn't show what is 'wanted'. Maybe the EURO is handling the energy correctly..
  6. And to add to this, looks like the long range has 90s here in the upstate. That'll further dry up the ground, and I'm fearful that we might be looking at a dry, hot summer. Hope I'm wrong..
  7. Just keep it cold & snowy in Utah when I'm there next month!
  8. Yeah, but living in a climate that rarely gets above 70 means you live in the upper mid west. I'll pass!..
  9. Good Lord man, I wouldn't trade Carolina weather with ANYONE! And I've lived here all 51 years of my life..
  10. ...and i hope the West gets winter in Feb into March. Going to P City for Spring break, and the last month has been terrible for snow there..
  11. For upstate folks, Greenville especially, its been a GREAT winter, biggest snowfall in years, and pretty consistently cold the whole month of January. I have to give it an 'A'. I wouldn't mind spring at this point...
  12. Push that low just off the coast about 75 miles and the upstate folks would be very happy!
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