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  1. Lools like they just fixed the advisory and changed it back to 105mph lol.
  2. There was a change at 6pm, the winds went back up to 110 and heading NNE instead of NE. Had to look again to see if it was a typo in the advisory.
  3. Another couplet coming into Onslow county, needs a warning.
  4. Per local news here, The tornado that hit emerald isle hit a rv park that had about 50 campers, they are stating more than half were heavily damaged, going door to door now. Hopefully people heeded the evacuation orders.
  5. All of these warnings in my county lol. Looking at mesoanlysis i can see why they raised the tornado probabilities for this area.
  6. AJF0602


    IR presentation continues to improve with storms wrapping around the center. Would be something if this made a run for a cat 3 landfall. I'm ready here in Jville.
  7. AJF0602


    Anxious to see what Dorian has in store for SE NC; here in Jacksonville there are still tons of houses with blue tarps on the roof from Florence last year.
  8. Almost 3 inches here in jville and still coming down.
  9. Still huge flakes here in Jacksonville.
  10. Wow y'all its snowing hard here in jville, everything is covered.
  11. Hey all checking in from jville. Im going into my 5th day now with no power lol. Finally am getting some sort of signal today where I can get a internet page to load. It has been crazy here in town. Any gas stations open you'll be waiting for one of two hours, same with the select fast food that has opened. The flooding that occured here was crazy. Water had over taken bridges on highway 17 and people were driving over it smh. I have videos i took when the winds got crazy and when i have a better signal I will upload. Most damage to our neighborhood is down trees and privacy fences, we were fortunate not to flood like other parts of jacksonville.
  12. The winds have been relentless here in Jville. I almost made it into a calm part but it looks like it is staying just to my south so the strong NE part of the storm is about to hit me. This should be fun haha.