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October Discussion: Bring the Frost-Hold the Snow

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34 minutes ago, PhineasC said:

LOL it sounds like DE really hurt you bad, man.

It's actually gotten better in all honesty .. but I like that kind of observational humor so thought I'd embellish.

It was really much more like that up through about 2002... seemed to start changing soon after that.   That "annexing" thing, for "gun-'n'-tackle" strip malls and an assortment of repeating fast food cardio stops I guess are something.   It is an attempt/movement toward revitalization...   

Back in the day ...it was all about countless old abandoned real-estate ... trees growing out of the living room windows of a partially roof-collapsed houses set equidistant out amid a half mile square flat expanse, were too commonly seen to be ultimately comforting; with ghosts moaning 'faaaaaailure' in the winds of nostalgia you actually weren't really ever a part of ?  it's weird - hence the creepy vibe.  But you get that anywhere.... Hell, driving through upstate NY and your eye catches glimpse of some abandoned church set back partially obscured behind a stone wall and figure its been annexed by the local rape -underground. 

I don't know what it is... something about greasy-spoon rural settings cast a weird vibe of being separated from the hip vision of directive progressive culture and okay ... I don't mean to act elitist - some are happy in that realm, and more power to them - not me.  Even though I am f'n stuck in Ayer Mass. 

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28 minutes ago, Typhoon Tip said:

Did he really?    ... Omg, no shit -

I'm saying - that's a great line; I could have started that passage in there with that sentence, then gone from there.  I mean exactly!  

I like George's comedy but I am not familiar with what ever that came from but yeah man - Dover is like really trying the best it can but is pedestrian ...

It was from an old bit he did. I can link you up. As expected NSFW


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6 minutes ago, Cyclone-68 said:

It was from an old bit he did. I can link you up. As expected NSFW


Oh yeah...I remember that stand-up he did.  I wanna say 1980s actually.  I didn't re-listen to the whole thing but I do remember it.

Interesting.  Full circle.  I was ever aware or remembering that bit of his when around 98, the first time I am drove down to Va Beach via the Del Marva route, and experience that area of the mid Atlantic.  It seem we have disparate experiences converging on the same take-away.  

I dunno - maybe y'all like it but consider yourselves warned LOL

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Welp ...this ought'n be the last warm-    ish    day for at least a little while.

I don't suspect the warm calls for specific days  ..what was that, 27th 30th and Halloween ?   have a lot of confidence when we have suppressed back-drilling -NAO over the western limb of the domain, and an active Pacific relay pattern sending atmospheric nuke waves "under" our latitude.

The Euro's been selling the last in the series as breaking in on itself and stalling over OH ... hm, cannot toootally refute that idea - after all ... -NAO is blocking.  Particularly when the ridge/+hgt aspect is situating N of Maine.   Weird region for that actually.  But, the Euro also tends to curl up and package wave spacing too much beyond D5's in all older versions going back to 1990s ... I realize we've just "fixed" it but who knows if the former genetic inheritance is part of that.

The GFS tries to stretch the flow more and make the whole time span appear more proper -NAO cyclone track suppressed.  Which also ...cannot be outright negated as plausible.

The blend of the two is probably a tendency for a long ... long stretch of easterly fetch of tepidly cool autumn air.  

Then, we'll see what that first week of Novie brings.  I'm still interested in that time span for a more robust colder regime.   It seemed originally as though that could arrive .. well, now, post the 20th, but it was always a rangy affair. I won't consider the telecon spread/mass-field tenor as a failed indicators until it gets clear that we don't.

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1 hour ago, powderfreak said:

You think it’s much different at times here, lol?  How many go north of Stowe?  Or east over the range to Worecester?  Morrisville? Lol.  I think that can be said for most neighboring towns of tourist areas.

Its not true but it is… plenty of upscale folks in those towns (I’d live there) but you also find other areas that you don’t see in the brochures.

LOL..we also joke too. I don't want people taking offense.

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1 hour ago, ORH_wxman said:

Once you are west of Winni into the monads, it might as well be the fooking Allagash. Same thing once you are north of Berlin. There isn't much between Ossipee and Dover/Rochester NH either, though it's not as bad as those western areas of the state.


Good hyperbole but apt.  At least most roads on those NH sites are paved.  Once west of Dickey the nearest pavement is adorned with signs au Francois.

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2 hours ago, ORH_wxman said:

Yep there's a bunch of places you can move up there where it's a total wasteland for amenities. Most VT ski towns are pretty well supplied with them though whether it's Kmart, Stowe, or even Ludlow. NH can be a bit more sparse even near the ski resorts, but the White Mts aren't bad near Phin because of proximity to Berlin and Conway.

Waterville Valley has that little ski town village, but it's also seems past it's heyday. Plus the skiing sucks. 

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