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September Discussion Thread: Bring the frost; kill the bugs.


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I'm getting an impression about this last summer (... a season that's really still alive and well despite all intents and purposes to construct observations to the contrary - )

We have been way above normal rainfall.  But the distribution has been kindly parsed out ... spaced out enough to achieve a a kind of hydro, 'steady state' in uptake vs release of the land. It's really been like a normal frequency, just dumping huge amounts at those intervals.  Even Ida's outlier event, if we remove the huge deposition numbers in water, there's nothing particularly unique about merely observing a big, dead/dying Gulf whirl and smear slowly rotating around the NW periphery of a WAR-like pattern in late August. 

In short, it's been about events just being hugely seeded. 

Bloviating opinion:  This is/was a Global Warming summer incarnate. Climate modeling science has suggested for decades that among the many varied aspects of the total impact/observation spectrum, would in fact be increasing gaseous water vapor -->  PWAT extremes -->  event-centric +rain results.  DPs were higher than normal this year ... so has been the rain.

June was a fantastically warm month.  However ( just off the top of one's mind) perhaps > 50% by virtue of having nocturnal, elevated temperatures more so anomalous than the ensuing attached afternoons.  Yes there were heat waves to frost the cake.  But without those lows being some +10 on month.. that's the real story hidden beneath. 

That is also a repeating phenomenon noted globally, as also expanded upon in recent IPCCs publications.  So, it's been a recurrent theme, anyway. This summer season appears at minimum to be a very vivid and coherent example of that phenomenon, one that probably in reality was even anomalously large relative to that.  

Here in New England it seems we're always getting cheated some how, some way.   I wonder if there will ever occur the elusive New England super heat wave. A competitive anomaly among the pantheon of great France, Britain, Australia, eastern Europe and Siberia's arresting circumstances - speaking, relative to climate.  What would that be?  It would likely have to occur between late May and late July/early August.  We really need the solar max 90 days between May 8 and August 8 to have a shot ...    7-day heat wave where it does this at Logan during the afternoons:   91 (Chicago is an ominous 101), then 99 102* 104** 107** 94 (weak MCS N sent interruption) 105*, phone call to Pentagon... over lows of 84 F...  (* record, ** all-time ) I'm starting to wonder if it is just physically too difficult for the Terran systems of interacting geologic and atmospheric forces to actually do.   Some regions just do hot(cold) better than others ... 'White Men Can't Jump'

Either way, this seems like a summer that cheated to be above normal in heat, accomplished because in order to get the rain we had have the hydrostatic heights being elevated - warmed proximity to that. 

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18 minutes ago, dendrite said:

Yeah that's a perfect time for AN/MAN...extend that growing season.

The goal is to extend the period of time with highs in the 70s… be it in the spring or the fall.  That 70/50 that some on here find so boring… just let that go for weeks and weeks.

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