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Ice/Snow threat Friday-Sunday


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10 minutes ago, calculus1 said:

32.5/32 here in NE Hickory. No icing I can see. As@AirNelson39 said, another WWA where nothing will come to fruition.

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Yeah I might be at the southern end of the main icing this go round.  However, we now have teen DPs in NVA and it's still draining in this direction so you might come through with some icing with the round that's going through tonight.

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11 minutes ago, NorthHillsWx said:

Icy but not on roads. Confined to trees mostly 

Thanks. I was going to try and get some aerials of icy trees. I know tomorrow will be more so but I will have to hope for a break from work to do that.

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update from Blacksburg about 30 minutes ago isn't looking too great:yikes:

With regard to tonight, significant icing is expected as the
baroclinic zone lifts a bit northwest in response to upper
ridging off the southeast/Mid-Atlantic coast. Warm air aloft
will support mostly rain across these areas with temperatures
below freezing as the wedge holds in tough overnight. Ice
accumulations of 1/2 to 1 inch appear likely and possibly more
east of the Blue Ridge where current plans are to go with a
Winter Storm Warning and a Winter Weather Advisory to the west.
More on that later this afternoon, but a serious icing event
looks probable for areas like Danville, Lynchburg, South Boston,
and other cities in this general area. Stay tuned for updates
forthcoming this afternoon.


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7 minutes ago, BullCityWx said:

We briefly made it to 33.1 and now are back down to 32.7. Just for reference, most of the modelling has us getting to 34-35 today. HRRR has me dropping to 30 tonight. 

Weather app shows us at 34 but I swear it runs a degree or so warm, or always seems to here.  

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1 minute ago, HoosTC said:

I'm 12 miles NNE of LYH. We had freezing rain, sleet and then snow overnight. About a half inch if snow . Freezing fog now  28.9/26

I'm in the southwest part of the city pretty close to the Bedford and Campbell county line. Went to bed around 2 with heavy sleet and some flakes mixed in. Everything is just a sheet of ice now. 28.6/27

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6 minutes ago, BullCityWx said:

is it pulling off BUY? One thing I've noticed is that sensor has been running very warm. I think they might have moved it in the last few weeks. 

Think that's where it pulls from, yes, and agreed.  Been a full 2 degrees off the car thermometer on the high side for several weeks across town.  

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