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  1. im hoping that is true too, it would keep powerline accretion down let alone anymore trees into my yard from the neighbors lol.
  2. Don't have it but man the zr output for danville is lights out.
  3. Wow this is lights out from these guys. Day 2 High Risk of .25 Freezing Rain Outlook WPC
  4. pretty sure the lowes has already been cleaned out post weekend icefest. at this point its gonna be about hunkering down and staying warm would be my guess. why cant we have a deeper cold layer and all snow for a change
  5. unless we can keep the warm layer away, i do not like those temp trends where im at. starting to hope its sleetfest instead anything but more freezing rain.
  6. those wpc percentages for danville are just lights out, i mean how much more ice and tree damage etc can southside take this week? . Happy Birthday to me thursday!
  7. No matter how you slice it danville again in the crosshairs. Strong signal from what I've seen so far.
  8. im watching it closely. keeps dp's down arounbd 28/29 in southside, going to be a verifiable skating rink in the am if so.
  9. if thats correct, lights out here in danville.
  10. i think plenty of people will wish they were hammered and might even end up puking once its all over lol
  11. I'll take thagt inch in kdan. just the right kinda snow, easy on the eyes and melt away without help lol.
  12. i'll continuely take the inch or 2 at a time and call it a winter. considering our yearly average in these parts, its a win. 2018 was the best snow ive experienced in years, such a quiet day, my daughters bday and just ripping snow. only other thing i've seen greater was pd2 and feb 83 in nj. Real live thundersnow!
  13. so since ive only been in this region for a little over 4 years, ill ask the danville area folks.....when when nws blacksburg refers to miller a's as the biggest winter weather producers in this area, how big are they talking? i mean i know it wont be dec 2018, which was a nice treat, but how big do storms get in this region ie. danville biggest one day snow total. im very curious (sorry for slightly off topic but the morning discussion mentioned this so i was musing on it)
  14. only to watch it trend back in the 3 day range? that seems to be a current trend anyway. lots of volatility, be glad it isnt the market lol
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