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Potential 1/17-1/18 threat


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44 minutes ago, Rankin5150 said:

Look at the radar down in Florida Mack. Robert at WxSouth said that if the Florida Panhandle gets snow, then there is a shot at ALL 50 states having snow on the ground at the same time. I wonder when the last time that happened?


I believe I read the last time that happened was in the 70s but not 100% sure.

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2 minutes ago, wncsnow said:

NAM is coming in less positive tilt and probably going to be a better run for western areas

So far, yes.  Want to see the energy in the base of the trough push as far SW as it can to more quickly wave break and cut off to turn neutral.

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7 minutes ago, griteater said:

Nice NAM run for the upstate on precip and temps

nice run for the southern upstate. nam is really teasing me....has amounts pushing 0.20  here but an area of 0.35 just across the border. Would be happy with 0.20 though. Considering the nam has been too dry with this system the entire time so far, it's encouraging. 

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