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  1. So, that 18z GFS was the best run for my area since maybe the Tuesday EURO. Somebody's numerical output gain is someone else's numerical output loss. LOL. Doesn't really mean a thing at this point.
  2. If you get that scenario, it won't wash anything away as a matter fact, it will seal it in for you. Good luck my friend. I am pulling for you.
  3. Way to commit! Your obs of the models have been solid today. Sorry you were being sarcastic. Snow is going to ban you for calling it "fatties" anyway.
  4. SREF can be useful as a forecasting tool and have been accurate before in the short range which is its primary objective. I can give scenarios where all models have missed/hit in the past and SREF has be pretty close, more than once, in our area usually within 24 hours.
  5. Every weather board, every winter threat and I have been on these boards longer than some of these posters have been alive.
  6. So, Glenn Burns throws this on Facebook last night. He can't even get his description right (Calls colder temps a "blowtorch") and doesn't give any explanation that this isn't an official forecast. I thought @Lookout would appreciate this.
  7. Any chance the forecasted "stall" could take place off shore?
  8. I knew it hadn't been great but given that look, it could have been worse. Wow.
  9. Light snow in Ellijay started about 40 minutes ago....at 42F. It has "dropped" to 38F.
  10. Radar returns looking worse as depicted on some of the short-range, high-res models. Hopefully that jet streak will do its "thing".
  11. Could be that my eyes are playing the "wishful thinking" game but does this thing look like it may be tilting a bit? http://www.goes.noaa.gov/GSSLOOPS/ecwv.html
  12. James Spann: UPDATE: With the steady progression of the snow, we recommend no travel in Tuscaloosa/Birmingham/Gadsden after 10am. Conditions will deteriorate rather quickly once the snow begins.
  13. Columbus, MS., radar loop looks like it's holding the line together quite well: https://radar.weather.gov/radar.php?product=NCR&rid=gwx&loop=yes
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