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  1. pouring here in southpark, windshields already getting covered.
  2. IF we can keep this heavy band just west enough to move over clt we will be in business for a little time of some mod snow I believe
  3. fwiw gfs at 06z had nothing for clt and now 12z has ~1" accums.
  4. good lord the nam. cut it by 80% and i'll still be ecstatic. wild that clt has has not even a trace in april since 87.
  5. You had my curiosity, now you've got my attention.
  6. nam showing the tongue of precip over clt now, similar to the hrrr. precip shield is healthier and further inland as well but looks like ran in eastern sc.
  7. yea this is pretty close to game on for eastern carolinas
  8. nam much further nw with precip at 54. this is a massive shift.
  9. fv3 not as good as 06z. heavier returns a bit east.
  10. yea it made a big jump. would be really excited if i was on the coast. still hoping for that nw trend to continue to zero hour for us.