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  1. look at the soundings, pretty close to a sleet souding on 06z and 12z looks even worse.
  2. upstate to clt thru rdu and greenville all snow at hr 51. another good gfs run coming.
  3. upstate and clt folks, a thing of beauty. feels good to have the 3km nam on our side with cooler upper levels this run.
  4. wow, on 3km nam charlotte gets rid of the warm nose after hr48 and then we have an all snow sounding if sfc temps cooperate. interesting...
  5. interesting nws gsp is leaning towards this being rain/snow vs sleet. hope they are right.
  6. when is the last time you saw the nam overdo a warm nose only to have it trend colder as we got closer to verification? the warm nose will likely be stronger than advertised. believe these 8-10" outputs at your own peril.
  7. anyone who has tracked nc/sc storms knows this is a warning shot from the nam. 3k showing that stout of a warm nose and it has only trended stronger. this is a sleet storm for upstate to clt and if i were in rdu i'd be concerned as well. we all know how this usually ends up.
  8. Grit, that warm nose the nam is painting for Charlotte scares me. Seen this movie before...
  9. precip looks a bit further north on the gfs out to 69
  10. as the 12z nam runs, just look at the northward shift in precip for weds before our event in the last 24hrs.
  11. if the 00z euro had a bit more precip northward into nc i think we would have seen a 1-2" system, model just didn't have enough precip to spit out snow at the sfc level even though soundings looked near ideal for snow. would much rather have this issue than our usual fear of the warm nose screwing us. give me cold upper levels and ill worry about precip, especially in this pattern.
  12. pouring here in southpark, windshields already getting covered.