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  1. The GFS is like the bipolar ex-girlfriend. One minute she's all sweet and the next minute she's off her rocker and trying to boil your pet rabbit.
  2. Pictures or it didn't happen.
  3. That seems to be the theme from our recent winters. If there is one thing to bet on each winter, it's a SE ridge with AN temps.
  4. Makes me feel like we're living in Central FL with those temps.for Christmas. The last three have been so warm that my kids played in t-shirts and jeans while riding new toys. I'm gonna take my family and move back to Marquette. At least in the UP we have snow. No summer to speak of, but definitely winter. Maybe I'll just keep a summer home here. LOL
  5. I'm with you. I'm in extreme NE NC, just south of Cheesypeake...
  6. Thanks for the clarification. I appreciate it.
  7. I95 overpass outside of Fort Lee, VA.
  8. I95/295 Interchange in Hopewell, VA
  9. Here are a few of my pictures from my trip this weekend. Started in Elizabeth City, drove to Crabtree Valley to look at and then buy a used 1993 Land Cruiser, left there for Roanoke Rapids for lunch, then went up I95 to Richmond and then over I64 to the Premium Outlets in Williamsburg, VA. Left home at 7 am (daughter had drivers Ed and her mother picked her up afterwards) and didn't get home.e until almost 10pm. This is the Premium Outlets in Williamsburg, VA about 5:30. The flakes were as big as quarters and fifty cents pieces. It snowed for me all the way back to just north of South Mills, NC in northern Camden County on NC HWY 17. I had snow from about 130 in the afternoon until about 930 while on my road trip. My mother in law just got in the night before from Dublin, Ireland. She hadn't seen snow in almost three years. Wouldn't you know it, but Sunday, Dublin got it's first measurable snowfall in seven years and she wasn't there to see it.
  10. It's almost like every post from you is negative. I swear it almost seems as if you relish the thought of AN temps during winter.
  11. I hate all of you with snow as I am drenched in my 39 degree rain.
  12. Thank you snowlover91 and queencitywx.
  13. Is the CMC running late? I don't see any usual sites with it up.
  14. I see the lemmings racing to the edge of the cliff.
  15. By the looks of the map posted that you questioned, it doesn't look like it.