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  1. Tarheel17

    Hurricane Michael

    Would be interesting if they don't close our office for this in Charlotte, given that they did for 2 days for Florence (Meck co. schools were closed so many parents would be home anyways). My walk home on Thursday would be miserable. Of course wouldn't want to trade with the coast....
  2. Tarheel17

    Searching for Fall

    Less than 9 days out, with seasonable lows showing up on the new GFS. Euro and CMC show tropical influence but also show a sharp cool-down in the same timeframe (8-10 days). Meanwhile I want to reel this one in from la-la land.
  3. Tarheel17

    Searching for Fall

    I'm just going to choose to believe the FV3-GFS. Seems a little closer to the Euro through 10 days. Edit: 12z, not 18z.
  4. Tarheel17

    Searching for Fall

    12z Euro seems to put the hold on fall as well. Tomorrow average lows are supposed to start to be in the 50's for Charlotte. We'll get there eventually.
  5. Tarheel17

    Searching for Fall

    Fall is my favorite season. Looks like we don't get one until October this year.
  6. Tarheel17

    Florence Observations

    First rain started 40 minutes ago in Uptown Charlotte.
  7. Tarheel17

    Major Hurricane Florence

    I wouldn't bet against the Euro at this stage of the game. Savannah and north should remain vigilant until we are sure where it goes.
  8. Tarheel17

    Searching for Fall

    If the 06z gfs is accurate we will be searching for fall for a very long time
  9. Tarheel17

    September 2018 Observations

    It might be a case of significant periods of dew points stuck right around 70 degrees which is sticky but not insanely so, rather than spiking into the mid-70's. That and the persistent rain and chance of tstorms.
  10. Tarheel17

    Searching for Fall

    Once the Euro goes that far out on the free maps I expect it to disappear. In other news I have started seeing some slight color change on some trees while out on my runs. Also today is the first day with a sunrise after 7 am. The temps may not look like it but I am starting to feel like it is fall.
  11. Tarheel17

    Searching for Fall

    Starting to see multiple chances in the very long run (>300 hours) in the GFS for a cooldown of some sort. Obviously not buying a single one of them, but it's at least an improvement and a sign that fall will eventually arrive.
  12. Tarheel17

    September 2018 Observations

    From Brad Panovich. Literally the most humid summer since 1971, if not ever, and it's not even close. Fall can't get here soon enough, but no end in sight in the medium-term.
  13. Tarheel17

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    First signs on the models of drier air making it over the mountains. I would take dew points in the 50s for the end of August or early September and be happy with it. Unfortunately only appears to be fleeting and I expect it to not quite make it a week from now.
  14. Tarheel17

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    GFS shows no break in these oppressive dew points through the middle of next month. Oh, what I would do for some fall air this time of year.
  15. Tarheel17

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    Looks to be humid and cooler. I will gladly take the cooler weather.