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  1. I'll complain about the lack of sun after the upcoming two days, but really can do without the heat.
  2. Can confirm, 45 degrees with heavy sleet in Uptown Charlotte
  3. KCLT stuck on 48/36. 10 degrees cooler just to our NE, hoping that cooler air pushes in soon.
  4. Good observation. Hickory has a DP of 22 while KCLT has a DP of 34 as of an hour ago. Hope to see that DP drop some more before the precip starts flowing in tomorrow morning.
  5. I forgot how much I missed having something worthwhile to track. I'll give it 48 hours before it goes *poof* and we get another warm rain.
  6. And a rough 12 months until we are in the exact same boat this time next year.
  7. Snowing in Uptown Charlotte. Tiny flakes but started as snow, much better than the mix with rain last week.
  8. You know it's rough when my parents up in Michigan have been on the battle lines of snow/ice/rain all winter. Terrible, terrible pattern.
  9. Luckily my company is funding the trip. Maybe they know how much I hate the heat and want me to have effectively 8 months of summer this year since I will get back just in time for our yearly May heat wave.
  10. At this point I'm looking forward to my upcoming trip to Singapore for a few months. At least when I am baking in the tropical heat and humidity, it'll meet my expectations.
  11. The only saving grace is that +1 degree C is equivalent to 59 L and 80 H by the end of this timeframe in Charlotte....
  12. I have a trip up to the Vermont mountains next week. GFS is showing a very strong ridge and well above-average highs of 10-20 degrees above normal for this time of year for that area, with a cool down right when I leave. Honestly it's a cruel joke at this point.
  13. If the GFS is right we will be waiting until at least the 4th week of the month for a shot at a brief cooldown/drier air. Not unusual, but the chances will really start ramping up by the end of the next 6 weeks.