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  1. So you're blaming the media for the hurricane basically. You'd be the type to stay put cause you think it's all hype and then be the first to complain if it hit and say they didn't do enough. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  2. Looks like it's up to 90% development odds over next 5 days.
  3. Man, really hope so. Getting really sick of this heat. Really didn't like the monthly forecasts that I saw come out with talk of above normal temps for August-October.
  4. Well if the risk from that is down a bit, I'll take any win I can get. Would like to avoid anything severe as much as possible.
  5. He's been pretty wrong about everything all winter.
  6. it did in Las Vegas at 50 degrees, so it's possible.
  7. Hard pass on that one if that was our only option.
  8. But I thought Bastardi said it was going to be super cold this winter for most of it and those of us in the south were going to see a lot of snow. Guess his hanging on analogs didn't work out so much for him. Way off on everything.
  9. I'm fine with the map fizzling out if all it ends up is showing a massive amount of ice here which would be devastating. No one needs that.
  10. Snowing hard in my part of Cary near Harrison. I imagine the roads are gonna get worse and tonight and in the morning will be a real mess for sure.
  11. Fingers crossed to all of us to stay below the threshold of tree and power line issues with any freezing rain.
  12. Where is it we find the graphics that show what models like the NAM puts out per location like RDU over a given timeframe? Where it shows how much is Snow, Sleet or Freezing rain. I can't seem to locate it anywhere. Something like this is what I'm talking about:
  13. Really hope that doesn't materialize. That would be a massive mess. Don't need any more damage across the state.
  14. Just subtract out that .25 of freezing rain and I'd take it. Banking on more snow than that though.