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Typhoon Tip

Nearing the 2nd half of Meteorological winter:

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1 hour ago, Baroclinic Zone said:


But bomb cyclone is ever so much more dramatic in a newscast.  After seeing your "real" term often, mainly here, I'd never encountered B-C prior to the run-up to the recent storm, at which time it was repeated endlessly, kind of like when the newsies "discovered" polar vortex 3-4 years back.

Was entertaining to see the weenie 06z gfs (2"+ qpf) get shredded back by over 90% despite the LP locations being about the same.  Still out past 100 hr, so almost anything is still on the table.

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28 minutes ago, Ginx snewx said:



I remember that one well, it snowed all day Saturday with around 6 inches by dark then overnight there was a burst of thundersnow, I remember my Dad saying we had a foot or so otg that Sunday morning in Bristol CT...I was 9 at the time

I also remember one other Jan event of around 6 inches

then the feb event 

3 sizeable events that winter

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3 hours ago, Typhoon Tip said:

That storm had some form of gravity wave, or moisture deformation issues, ...  some kind of thing going on that disrupted a ubiquitous result, because there were concentric bands of entirely pedestrian amounts NW of those SE zones.. For that alone, it's total score took a hit. 

I was up in Acton Mass at the time ...I think we got 6.5" or so...and was mid way inside a 10 mile wide band from NE CT to the Merrimack Valley that took up advisory snow from that system. 

I don't mean to downplay or spin out it's significance to those it did impact, but some how some way that thing was a cosmic dildo storm. 

Doesn't completely match up to your colorful metaphor, but there was an interesting shape to the Lower Hudson Valley screw zone:





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3 minutes ago, 40/70 Benchmark said:

Def. toned back a bit on the threat today.....oh well.

Wait and see.

Yea, not trying to punt it. Just frustrating the potential is there but not a single model wants to go to town. Maybe they won’t sniff it until inside day4 or something. 

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C’mon this same BS happens with every threat.   Looks decent/great potential and then all of a sudden the models lose or start going the opposite way and don’t develop it, or it’s too Far East/West etc. We  had to know this was coming...it’s as regular as clock work.  

The Nuke comments just before the Euro were the kiss of death today..that was obvious as can be lol.  


Ryan already said not a big storm for Tuesday/Wednesday on air....perhaps a couple inches so he’s on board for a modest event. 


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