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Mr Bob

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Might have to delete this forum less than 6 hours after it was created....

Ahem, I can edit posts now, short stuff.


Climo for severe weather and winters storms is decidedly different so we felt it made sense to have a place where it is easier to line things up and encourage other folks to come to or come back to AmericanWx...and the Carolina forum will be cleaner too. I know an extra mouse click to get to the other forum is going to be difficult, but I know I will somehow manage as I still love Atlanta weather too...

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Love the new sub forum but I kind of feel split now. I'm not technically in he TN valley but I probably share more weather with you guys than the other folks so I will have to hang out in both. I'm a fanof Mr. Bob as well as he has helped to fill my cities coffers over the years.

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Dwag!  You gonna go chasing on the Skyway again this winter?  Good to see you posting man.

If I get a chance I will. I'm now an employee for TDOT, and my jurisdiction includes Mcminn, Bradley, and Polk counties, so I won't get much opportunity to work in Monroe. Polk has some good mountains for chasing, but none of the roads are paved. Right now I'm working on stabilizing a rock slide in the Ocoee gorge.

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