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  1. Couplet has intensified in KY northeast of Pineville:
  2. Finally the KY storm is tornado warned. I got -91mph on the last RadarScope scan.
  3. Just crossed I-40 minutes ago. An area that certainly doesn’t need another tornado this year.
  4. Tornado warned storm east of Lebanon/Nashville is moving along I-40 with possibly a couplet developing:
  5. Etowah storm report of 1.75” hail (golf ball). If in the path northeast of there I would certainly cover vehicles if possible. Appears Tellico Plains will get squeezed in between the 2 cells. Also a warned storm on the plateau.
  6. Have our first severe warned storm with up to 1” hail working into Etowah and up the southern portions of the Valley.
  7. Sun is breaking out here in SWVA. Not really related to the main outbreak zone but thought I would share. Any more sun in the valley could enhance the threat later on.
  8. Yep very impressive squall for sure. Very rare!
  9. Snow has slacked up for the last hour as the band moved south into Kingsport. Snow is half melted now. I think MRX does have a point about sun angle this time of February. Of course rates will always overcome sun angle if the snow is heavy enough. Temp is up to 33.
  10. Been snowing for an hour now. Ground is almost completely white. Dropped from 39 to 32 really quick.
  11. 34 in Gate City but 41 in Kingsport. Really good wind coming out of the northeast currently.
  12. 0z HI-RES NAM is wanting to move the line into the mountains by morning.