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  1. A few snow flakes around the area this morning.
  2. I had no clue that a Snow Squall warning was a product issued by the NWS. One is currently in effect for Charleston, WV.
  3. Had a few squalls here but nothing more than a dusting. North east of Gate City has 2-3 inches as multiple squalls have trained all morning. Sun is now out.
  4. Starting to get a nice burst of snow. Let’s see what it can do
  5. About half an inch at the house. Ran 14 miles in Kingsport this morning from 7-9:30 and got smacked in face with plenty of snow.
  6. 33 and rain. The worst weather for a snow lover imaginable. [emoji23]
  7. About an inch of snow. I thought this system had the chance to over perform at little bit. This could of been a great system forum wide if the northern stream didn’t squash our energy.
  8. Snow has made it to the ground and the non treated roads
  9. 60 dBZ snow returns in that band. That is incredible for anywhere let alone Mississippi. Congratulations to all our Southern friends on an epic event!
  10. Band has really developed Maryville to Morristown. Moving southward. 3” here total. It is melting quickly now. Water is pouring down the driveway. I would love to know the liquid equivalent of this event. Probably around .5-.6 here.
  11. I was fixing to say that the band from Kingsport to Bristol has stalled out.
  12. 2.5” now. Light snow. I’m sure a little bit of snow has compacted and will continue to do so as the day goes on. So may not measure more than I have now.
  13. Woah!!!! Awesome that’s a big total! Glad to see the northwest shield make it that far.
  14. 2” now. Rates have slacked somewhat but still coming down moderately.
  15. Heavy wet snow continues. Just over an inch currently. Ratio has to be 5:1 or close to it. Very pasty snow. Probably would of already had 3 if a normal 10:1 ratio applied. Temp is 33.