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  1. I ended up with 1”. Season total 2”. -11” from last year at this date.
  2. Finally getting some heavier snow. Ground is very saturated.
  3. Still waiting on the full transition to snow...... 35 degrees here
  4. 12 NAM is much weaker with post frontal moisture. 3km NAM has a stronger backend as it moves thru. Interested to see RGEM and other models with regards to QPF behind the front.
  5. I would say a little over an inch. Areas outside of Gate City got 2 or more.
  6. Flakes are very fine right now and not big flakes.
  7. Joining the club with all snow at 32 with a dusting.
  8. I’m curious to see today if short range models back down on QPF after the changeover. It’s happened a few times before leading up to an event lol. So far the 12z NAM holds serve. Solid 2-3 inches across entire area.
  9. 0z NAM with its beefiest run yet! Widespread 2-4 across the state. High totals out west but may be mixed with a good amount of sleet. Backside snow is stronger this run 10-12z in the valley.
  10. The 12z Canadian also has the same push of cold air around the end of the run. Also of note: Tomorrow has a chance to break record for wettest October. Quite the feat after being 2nd driest in September.
  11. Camp Creek gust of 123mph was ruled erroneous after quality control. Gust was revised to 81mph.
  12. All local tv Mets have used the 123mph measurement on social media this morning. [emoji2960]