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  1. I was confused by this as well considering the rains we had over the weekend. I guess the ground needed a good soaking.
  2. Just curious question here. Are the weeklies showing a lot of heat to go along with the dryness? Those two seem to go together in summer.
  3. I picked a bad day to mow. Lol
  4. About 4 1/2 inches here since yesterday morning. To say it’s a mess is an understatement. Prayers for all those effected with even worse flooding in their communities.
  5. Second hail storm of the “day” has hit Kingsport.
  6. Stay safe John! A long way to go for your area in this event! Currently under a simultaneous severe thunderstorm warning and flash flood warning here.
  7. 78dbz on RadarScope with hail marker at 4” with cell SW of Johnson City and Jonesborough. Hail core of 2” passing over downtown Kingsport currently.
  8. Flash flood warning already issued for 5 TN counties just north of the MS border. Long way to go in the event. Not a great sign to see flash flood warnings already.
  9. Rogersville is fixing to hit up with a cell that RadarScope indicates up to 1.25” hail. No warning on that currently.
  10. I’m really surprised the SPC didn’t issue a Severe Thunderstorm watch for the forum area. There have been plenty of warnings issued this morning and 8 hail reports in the database at SPC. I feel like Flash Flooding will become a big issue statewide as well. 12z NAM really upped totals close to 6 inches for a wide part of the mid-state. 12z HRRR showed similar totals.
  11. Chattanooga area needs to be on the look out this morning from the cells in Alabama. Some rotation there. It’s going to be a wild day. Time to buckle up.
  12. All rain now. Probably a half inch.
  13. Very surprised to see you with a mix at that temp. Also surprisingly, all snow here and 32.
  14. Appears to be snowing solidly in Lee County. Some strong returns there.
  15. Light snow has begun to fall here.
  16. 38 here and 35 across the Clinch Mountain in Gate City. If that gives you an idea of micro climates.
  17. 44 degrees here. Constant sunshine all day. Fool me once shame on the models. Fool me twice shame on me.
  18. Then it appears for a lot of rain setting up after all of that snow on the RAP.
  19. Only a very slight dusting here. Rained all night. Unbelievable. Was in the bullseye on all models for 3-6 and came away with nothing. I think I’m done looking at models for a while. It’s just not worth it if they aren’t going to be accurate.
  20. Still mostly rain here. I have no clue why it still hasn’t turned over. I’m giving up and going to bed. Frustrated.
  21. Still mainly rain here and 33. Watching cameras from a few miles northeast of here with some higher elevation and its hammering down.
  22. Half rain and snow here at 34. Always the last to switch over. A painful wait.
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