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  1. I didn’t even realize I was posting in the panic thread. I thought I was in the banter thread....
  2. Starting in May, Asheville NC airport will be running Monday and Friday flights to Boston on Allegiant Air. Since you can usually pick up a round trip flight for under 100.00 I may initiate a chase sometime next winter. Just thought I'd mention it now in case anyone else would be interested in considering. There's nothing like snow in your back yard, but chasing a monster would be a lot of fun....
  3. Definitely noted the HB centered ridge. Give me that and I will take my chances for scoring something down the line. It's certainly not a slam dunk for winter in the mid-south, but it increases the odds drastically. The way I look at the pattern, two weeks ago we were wondering if we'd EVER break the record warm pattern. One week ago we were salivating at the LR. Currently, we can see a different pattern coming, one light years better than the one two weeks ago, but still not a slam dunk for what we all want to see - snow. Sounds pretty typical of winter life in the mid-south which mostly includes a "hurry up and wait" philosophy.
  4. Regarding the bolded.......... Life in the mid-south. lol I feel optimistic the change next week throws us a bone. Might be a splintered chicken bone and not a meaty T-bone.... or it could simply be even worse, a bone we all choke on? If you look at the OP modeling across the board there are so many lobes of energy flying around. There is no way these models will be accurate beyond day 5. It's probably best to passively look for the next best opportunity and just hope like heck we can get something inside of 5 days.....
  5. Calling all Tennessee Vol basketball fans................. UROS has been freed and is eligible immediately. Carry on
  6. If you believe the models it appears we will soon have something to track. I know the OP's haven't been throwing out snowy solutions for the southeast, but with all the ridging shown to occur in central Canada (Manitoba, Ontario, Hudson Bay, Nunavut) this SHOULD eventually force some of these storms under us. That has historically been a pretty good spot for AN heights in correlation with a mid-south snow. I am pretty sure it was Robert (WxSouth) who mentioned this in the past. I wouldn't sleep on the storm shown on the Euro OP around hr 168-180. The height fields will almost certainly trend one direction or the other in the coming days and it wouldn't take an earth shattering amount of change to pop a winter storm somewhere from the coast toward east TN. Even if that one misses, the pattern beyond this period is night and day better than where we have been........ and should produce additional opportunity somewhere in the southeast/mid-south as we close out January. As always, any opportunity will come down to timing, but I think the odds we time something up with enough cold and a favorable storm track are better than 50/50 the last week or so of January.
  7. Anybody have a boat I can borrow? Heavy rain and 50 this AM.
  8. Your search skills are superior to mine. Thanks!! That’s similar to what I thought I remembered, but I thought (incorrectly) the GEFS upgrade was set for spring this year , not August..... Will be nice to get the ensemble upgraded like the OP. Also good to see improvement will continue for 2021 & 2023. That said, I’m not sure how much value the GEFS will have at 0z, running out to 35 days. lol
  9. Agree. The better position for a ridge needs to be near the coast, not the Rockies. LR will move around some, and we appear to be headed in a better direction.......time will tell how the LR looks will evolve.
  10. So there is a second upgrade coming for the GFS? The GFS was just upgraded in June of 2019 to a new dynamical core (FV3). I can’t find anything about the GEFS being upgraded, but i am still looking.
  11. I wasn’t aware the GEFS had been upgraded yet. I thought the upgrade was scheduled for springtime. I could have missed something though....
  12. Holston, you are the MAN! Always identifying and bringing the fantasy snow goods.
  13. I was just looking at that and wondered if you were on top of it.... lol
  14. It absolutely was. We saw 2-3" rates for 7+ hours. The forecast that day was laughable as the event unfolded. Looks like the recorded history of the event is also laughable.
  15. Guessing the 1998 storm didn't make the list due to a lighter accumulation at the airport. We had over 20 inches at my place in JC. I noticed an article from Bristol where they recorded 8". The only two options are the airport didn't record enough to qualify for their list or the snowfall wasn't properly recorded. Since I know that has been an issue in the past it wouldn't surprise me if the latter is the best option.