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  1. How many did you buy? Have any extra's?
  2. That stinks. Best wishes for a SPEEDY recovery over that way............ Tell him to hang in there.
  3. Didn't know where to put this, but a client of mine captured the best (non photoshopped or re-touched) photo of a rainbow I have ever seen from the back deck of their home near the Bristol Motor Speedway. She shared it with WCYB and they put their stamp on it. Simply amazing! I will also echo the sentiments regarding just how quickly standing water has been sucked into the ground. It's hard to find a puddle anywhere and we ALMOST practiced baseball yesterday afternoon, not even 24 hours after the rain stopped. We probably need several more good rains over the coming month or two to "feel" and be normal again......
  4. Feel bad for the race fans this past weekend. I don't think I can remember a Bristol race where there was THAT much rain DURING the race weekend. They moved the race to from March to April to avoid the cold and nasty. Turns out, they could have moved it up into February and probably been better off.
  5. Second year in a row I got lucky and picked the finals correct. Last year I was so far ahead it didn't matter when Villanova won and I didn't have them winning it all. This year, I need NC to win or I come in 2nd. I might not ever play in the bracket challenge with my buddies again if I win this year too. I won't be due to win again until around the year 2050 ! lol
  6. Making a mental note to like very post you make from now on... haha
  7. Wish we had someone from Dyer, TN. Looks like it's absolutely ripping it there right now.......congrats to everyone seeing snow. Take pictures so we can live vicariously through your good fortunes... :-)
  8. I noticed a weakening trend with the line of showers coming through tonight and tomorrow morning in modeling over the last couple of days. It didn't look all that impressive from just 24-48 hours ago. Now I see mentions of severe thunderstorms and heavier precipitation. This won't have anything to do with what is coming Saturday/Saturday night, but it is something to keep in mind regarding how fickle strengthening or weakening can be from just a short period out.
  9. Haven't compared side by side (so going off memory), but the new GFS looks Euroish to me..
  10. Not buying the downslope for northeast TN (at this point). Doesn't make a lot of sense given the surface features... winds would probably be mostly from the E or ENE
  11. Can't disagree with anything they said, except it being 4 days away. It's just beyond three. Maybe they are rounding up? lol
  12. You need to cheer on a healthier wave....
  13. Yes, I agree. With that MONSTER trough in the northeast this can't really gain altitude. Even a more robust low would likely be a fairly snowy solution for parts of TN.
  14. Canadian will be interesting. Looks healthy on the old black and white maps.
  15. It's also probably a bit more south b/c the trough in the northeast is a touch stronger. All of this works together of course