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  1. Double barrel 588's. Let's roll..............
  2. Well, we have "it's not winter yet" still going for us. There is still time, but several indicators obviously trending in the wrong direction.
  3. Talk about bad luck......... got this email request for prayer from church today: "We have a sister who went through hurricane Irma on St. Johns and could not be located for a while. She has since been found and evacuated to Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, she is unable to leave due to Hurricane Maria."
  4. I give Butch all the credit in the world for building the Vols back up and recruiting so well the last few years. He has (and should have) gotten paid well to do this! That said, he is sorely lacking in the game management department and I always feel like he's playing checkers while the opposing coaches are playing chess. (though Florida's coach was also playing checkers Saturday). I think we are seeing what he will always be. After 5 years, he's a great marketer and recruiter and a VERY mediocre coach. That's probably not going to get it done at UT.
  5. In my defense they did have the game won, not to mention I included the word maybe......for last night. haha
  6. KC's going to break the streak. Maybe tonight......
  7. I was like.......wait, what? Only saw the score in the 3rd and figured that one was over. Kevin Sumlins seat will get pretty warm quickly with stuff like that. lol
  8. As is usual, I was a day late and a dollar short on this request. lol
  9. Hey John, sorry I didn't get this until now! I hope you found a GREAT place to eat. Carvers was right, The Farmers Daughter is an awesome place to stuff yourself. They are out in the country about 20 minutes from Davy Crockett HS (14 miles). They can seat 225, but have been running wait times on the weekends of an hour to an hour and a half. Because of that, they are adding a new addition to seat an additional 150! Not that this matters now since your trip is over... lol. When you get off that Boones Creek Exit you are about 4 miles from my house and you get as close as 2 miles as you take that road toward Jonesborough. If you come in the wintertime I will certainly know about it. In the offseason I only check the weather page once a week or once every other week. Hope you are doing well and you had a pleasant visit down and a safe trip back.
  10. only 2 pages per year, pretty crazy!
  11. How many did you buy? Have any extra's?
  12. That stinks. Best wishes for a SPEEDY recovery over that way............ Tell him to hang in there.
  13. Didn't know where to put this, but a client of mine captured the best (non photoshopped or re-touched) photo of a rainbow I have ever seen from the back deck of their home near the Bristol Motor Speedway. She shared it with WCYB and they put their stamp on it. Simply amazing! I will also echo the sentiments regarding just how quickly standing water has been sucked into the ground. It's hard to find a puddle anywhere and we ALMOST practiced baseball yesterday afternoon, not even 24 hours after the rain stopped. We probably need several more good rains over the coming month or two to "feel" and be normal again......
  14. Feel bad for the race fans this past weekend. I don't think I can remember a Bristol race where there was THAT much rain DURING the race weekend. They moved the race to from March to April to avoid the cold and nasty. Turns out, they could have moved it up into February and probably been better off.
  15. Second year in a row I got lucky and picked the finals correct. Last year I was so far ahead it didn't matter when Villanova won and I didn't have them winning it all. This year, I need NC to win or I come in 2nd. I might not ever play in the bracket challenge with my buddies again if I win this year too. I won't be due to win again until around the year 2050 ! lol