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  1. It does me too, but for the midatlantic and northeast............. unfortunately! :-(
  2. I noticed that. At 500 it looked much more consolidated. I was a bit confused to finally switch to the surface and see multiple areas trying to develop low pressure.
  3. We need a quicker phase further southwest. Looks like what becomes the primary energy is off the east coast and it gets going a little late. Still a BIG storm and the upper MA to the northeast would get raked. Just nice to see a big storm showing on the east coast. Hope the individuals show the potential there for a quicker, further southwest phase.
  4. Canadian vaporizes a nice piece of energy in the southern branch. From closed to pretty much gone in less than 24 hours. Will need to watch this one if we have a closed piece of energy at 500 in central Texas.
  5. Lows around the lakes are no bueno and the best way to wreck marginal thermals. I feel like it's only showing snow because of the time of arrival in the early AM hours. That said, it's nice to see blue on the map. And the follow up bomb is pretty. We might have to go find people in eastern NC if that happened. lol
  6. At least for east TN, this one has quite a bit more potential than the last. Cold air already in place. Overrunning to Miller A vs Miller B into a marginal airmass, etc…..
  7. Notoriously conservative……. 5+ days away.
  8. Anytime there is a handoff, primary to secondary and a funky 850 evolution, you can almost bank on busts (both good and bad), IMO.
  9. I thought it looked that way also. I mentioned the interaction with the energy diving in behind yesterday and thought it was the problem in pulling the 850, or a piece of it, further north into the valley. It really hurts not having a strong anchored high sprawled from northern Missouri to the Mid Atlantic.
  10. I don’t think I have ever seen a Euro ensemble run under day 4 with more than 4” across the entire state.
  11. I can't say I have ever seen a tightly wrapped 850 in east central Alabama suddenly go all kidney bean look and barf all over east TN, but I think the energy behind it is interacting with it and causing it to pull more north.
  12. Good post. I do this often and IMO it's probably the most important feature to key on if you want to find where snow is likely.
  13. UK has been remarkably consistent showing a strong cutoff. No clue if it's onto something or just on something.
  14. Can anyone name a storm that dropped a foot on Chattanooga that went ice from Knoxville to Johnson City? I’m not sure one exists…….
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