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  1. I don't like pinning all my hope on the setup shown on the overnight Euro. Frontal rains don't excite me and we are WAY too dry currently. We need something tropical out of the gulf to link up with a front. Maybe two or three something tropicals over a 2 week period of
  2. I don't want any part of early and heavy snows (in October). I'm not superstitious, but I have definitely seen that movie a couple of times before.
  3. I just need Tyreek Hill to come back for FF purposes........... is that too much to ask?
  4. Flurries in early March, after all the LR model teases for the past two months, is equivalent to a kick in the nads.
  5. Ordered one today. I've blown 300 on lots of other stuff so I figured............why not? Like, you I am interested in how it functions. Personally, I bought because of the size. I have a Davis Vantage Pro 2 (like new) with all the bells and whistles, along with the software just sitting in a box. Been there since June of 2016 when we moved to a place that has an HOA that would frown on me setting it up. Hoping the lower profile on this unit will work and also hoping the accuracy isn't like the FV3.
  6. If you are a fan of a team, that's cool. You don't get to ref in games that include your favorite team. Deleting the picture off FB was incriminating.... as was the picture he took in an Alabama sweatshirt where he lost a bet and a friend chimed in by saying he was a true fan to follow through with his bet. LSU fan and making friendly wagers. He shouldn't be allowed to officiate an SEC game from here on out and certainly a game where LSU is on the court. Congrats on the win......... and welcome to the forum.
  7. Yes, it is. He claims he was overseas and found the shirt and just wanted to give Alabama fans a hard time, but I don't buy it. He was much more active wrt questionable calls in that game (29 to 15 whistles in favor of LSU). Barnes wasn't happy and I consider him pretty fair minded and not one to make a big deal out of nothing. The SEC office knows about it and has put out a statement trying to smooth it over talking about all his accolades as an official. I personally don't think he ever needs to officiate an LSU game again with several questionable calls and several missed calls in favor of LSU. You don't make that foul call with 0.6 seconds left in OT either. He was the one that blew the whistle on that play 80 feet from the basket. All this said, TN absolutely had chances to put them away and didn't. Kudos to LSU (and their fans) for taking advantage of the situation and pulling out the win.
  8. The 12z EPS has a decent signal for something minor around day 8 and something more significant around day 10....
  9. Haha, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I thought KY may have a letdown against Missouri. Looks like they built a lead and kind of coasted to a 66-58 win. Did anyone watch the game? I had to get some sleep, but I wonder if the commentators beat them up a bit for how they looked in an 8 point win? It seemed to me the crew calling the TN game beat them up pretty good with how they played in only beating Vandy by 12? TN struggled again on the offensive end, but I was impressed with the effort on the defensive end. I thought TN looked solid last night defending. I believe they will be tough to stop once in the tourney. I think they will be tough to handle for teams that haven't seen them play. Can't wait to see how they finish, where they are seeded, and what their quadrant of the bracket looks like!
  10. They very well could have with the football they let them get away with in the first half. My problem was more with how they called the second half. They went from letting them be very aggressive to calling touch fouls. Officiating didn't lose that game for us, but for us to have shot our first FT's with 5 minutes gone in the second half with the aggressiveness KY played with was a bit ridiculous. Either way, it was easily the best game KY has put together all year. Congrats on the win......
  11. Kentucky may be peaking too soon, at least that's what I keep telling myself. I think we win when they come to TBA. I'm not sold on LSU. They were almost taken out by a bad Georgia team the other day. Will be interesting to see how the season plays out for all the top teams. Kansas seems to be putting the pieces back together. Duke is beatable (should have gotten beat by Louisville, all they had to do was take care of the basketball and it was a 10+ point win). Too bad that didn't happen. I'd have loved to have watched the fall out from that type of a loss. UT is better than their showing at KY, but it's hard to keep winning in college basketball. It was the perfect storm for UT to take one on the chin with LSU getting lucky in knocking them off at Rupp. They don't lose 2 in a row at home and after what we did to them last year, Cal had them more than ready. We will be ready for them next time. Looking forward to seeing how they respond vs Vandy tonight. Even if we have two more losses the rest of the regular season we likely don't drop below a 3 seed and will be in a good position to make a run in the big dance.
  12. So, basically a higher resolution version of the DGEX. That's great for digital snow, not so much for actual snow.
  13. It might be like this year and we might not know what next winter is going to be like until it's almost over. lol I am with you on the needing dry weather front. We definitely need to catch a break from all the juice! Unfortunately, that part looks a given the next 10-14.
  14. I have almost gotten to the point I will be skeptical of everything moving forward. Going into this year we had virtually everything pointing to a fantastic mid to late winter. An early SSW with a split and big time wind reversal. LR map after LR map things were looking optimal. Experts almost across the board were laying their chips down for an extended winter stretch. Virtually every index we look at was favorable. Now here we are blaming the MJO for ruining winter for the east and probably not sure of that, even though many (myself included) think it's largely to blame. Even some saying the SSW not only didn't help, but hurt? We just haven't advanced to a point where LR forecasting is anything but an educated guess. We did have a recent winter where LR forecasts were for warmth that never arrived. So I guess it goes both ways, but it drives a person mad trying to figure out what could go wrong. I guess in a nutshell in the south, just about everything can go wrong for snow lovers... lol