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  1. Not sure there is a hard rule against it, but we "generally" don't do it (maybe the rule is unwritten, lol). I am guessing it was done b/c we only have about 4 people posting in the TN Valley sub-forum and he just thought he'd be more apt to get a response (or a different point of view) by doing it that way.
  2. Part of our state (east TN) sucks at heat waves. We can't even do that right, evidently....
  3. You had to go to overtime to do it, but congrats on sweet revenge.......
  4. Maybe he will finally realize there is more to predicting weather than what happens at 18k feet.......
  5. And yet we can't get one single member of the euro (0-51) to spit out a widespread snowy solution in the day 10..... haha. I love the look where we are going though. You have to think we see a look or two in the coming day or three that spits out something fun to look at.
  6. Me too, guess I am a sucker for train wrecks. Good news is, this one has a chance to come off the tracks later vs soooner.... it's a good look, even if not currently a snowy one.
  7. Live between Boones Creek and Gray and we also had a whitening of the ground with a brief, but very heavy snow shower. Temp dropped to 28 during the intensity, then back to 31 after it quit. I tried to imagine this is what it looks like west of Boston, just a LOT more.... lol
  8. I think your organization is somehow related to the Vikings organization. lol 4 super bowl losses and then in 1998, my heart was ripped from my chest when the Vikings had one of the best teams ever assembled (Culpepper, Moss, Carter and a nasty D) and were driving against the Falcons in the NFC championship, up by 7 with a couple of minutes left. In field goal range with a kicker that was perfect on the year 35/35 (IIRC) with 0 missed extra points. Missed the game sealing FG, the Falcons promptly drove the field, scored and sent it into overtime. Then they proceeded to win in OT. It took me a couple of years to get past the sting of that one. Still a great year for your Falcon's, but just has to be a crushing defeat for their fans..... I'd say better days are ahead, but as a Vikings fan I am not sure if I said it, I'd believe it.... lol
  9. Interesting, I guess it's all in the interpretation of a win vs. loss. My recollection of the early January storm was the Euro was the first to pick up on the potential threat and it pretty much kept it on and off from days 13 to 10, lost it for a time, then brought it back around day 8. I know many bashed it, but I just didn't see it that way. Maybe that's a Carolina centric view? What was your recollection?
  10. Yeah no doubt. It's a pretty low percentage opportunity. I was simply pointing out why it was on the 12z OP GFS/GEM and not the euro. Lots of moving parts. I'd be surprised to see the Euro swing and miss to this degree around day 6 (where the models diverge). It and all 51 members......
  11. Looks like the Euro, GFS, and Canadian ALL have the same piece of energy in the northern stream at day 5 (in the northwest or just north in western Canada). Models diverge shortly after as both the GFS and Canadian take that piece of energy southeast toward the gulf, spawning a low. The euro simply absorbs this energy into the vortex in the Pacific. If you want a storm that has to come southeast with the ridge building in behind it on the west coast.... This PNA isn't going to stay put, but even transient can be of assistance to the shortwave out ahead.... the models that bring it out (GFS and Canadian) differ with regards to how stout this ridge is. It's ideal with the GFS, nice and tall and helps the piece of energy dig well south and provides a classic snowstorm look. By comparison, the Canadian ridging out west isnt as stout and as a result the low develops much further north and the entire shield is yanked much further north wrt snowfall.....
  12. The time period around January 7-10th is mildly interesting on the 12z GFS. This is a look that could produce, though it's important to note the 0z Euro and GEM look completely different.
  13. Took a nap and when I woke, it was ripping pretty good. A couple of convective bands are over northern Washington County. Nice surprise!
  14. Just 48 hours ago the timing was to put the bulk of precip after dark. I also thought that would be critical to actually realize a nice light accumulation. Thanks for contributing, always glad to see a met posting in our subforum!
  15. All hail the Canadians...