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  1. kvskelton

    Hurricane Florence Discussion Thread

    From MRX, nothing earth shattering but a reminder of how the area could be affected even before the remnants of Florence arrive in the Valley. Hydrologic Outlook Hydrologic Outlook NCC039-043-TNC001-007-009-011-013-019-025-029-057-059-063-065-067- 073-089-091-093-105-107-115-121-123-129-139-143-145-151-153-155- 163-171-173-179-VAC105-167-169-191-195-520-720-130330- Hydrologic Outlook National Weather Service Morristown TN 1122 AM EDT Wed Sep 12 2018 /1022 AM CDT Wed Sep 12 2018/ ...Threat of Flooding Due to Hurricane Florence Is Increasing... The latest forecast track for Hurricane Florence from the National Hurricane Center shows the storm stalling near the Carolina coasts on Friday before moving westward through South Carolina during Sunday. This track has the potential to produce very heavy rainfall over the mountains of western North Carolina. Heavy rains in these areas would result in sharp rises along rivers draining out of western North Carolina into east Tennessee, such as the French Broad, Pigeon, Hiwassee, Little Tennessee, and Nolichucky Rivers. Of course, if the remnants of Florence come to impact east Tennessee more directly during early next week, then the risk of locally heavy rainfall will spread into east Tennessee and southwest Virginia. Keep informed of the latest information on the track of Hurricane Florence as this flood threat develops.
  2. kvskelton

    Major Hurricane Florence: STORM MODE THREAD

    I believe this is the current image you were trying to post.
  3. kvskelton

    Winter Speculation 2018/19

    Thanks Carvers! I have been following Florence and was wondering if anyone was discussing the impact on the TN Valley area. Of course everything's still in flux and things may shift though the closer we get to landfall the more dialed in things will be. Really feeling sorry for folks up and down the coast within 100 miles either way of Wilmington, NC as it appears that area is the most likely for landfall at this time. Hurricanes are amazing to watch and track until you realize the tens of thousands of lives in their path. I know one man who rode out Hugo just inland in his brick ranch house. He said it was the worst decision he ever made in his life. Luckily his wife had more sense than he did (isn't that often the case?) and evacuated to safer ground with their son. I'll never forget one quote he had: "When the roof started bouncing up and down on the house, I knew then I'd made a really poor decision."
  4. kvskelton

    Spring and Summer Banter 2018

    Greetings all! Hope your summer has been great and you're all doing well. I'm looking forward to getting out of this warm pattern and into some real fall weather soon. After such a disappointing (yet not unexpected) opening game for the Vols, I've decided to accept a better offer this Saturday. Instead of going to the game vs ETSU, I'm going to take a ride on this baby at the TRI on Saturday morning! If any of y'all are aviation enthusiasts, especially WW2 warbirds, I highly recommend heading to TRI this week to see this B25 Mitchell. It's one of 34 still flying. She's there now and will be there through Sunday. It's free to take a up close look outside and $10 each (or $20 for a family of 4) to go inside the bomber. Rides are also available for a price. I can't wait as this is a bucket list ride for me! I could use some good weather at 10am on Saturday if y'all can help me out in that area! LOL
  5. kvskelton

    Spring/Summer 2018 Observations

    Just your ordinary late March spring morning in downtown Kingsport, TN!
  6. kvskelton

    Winter Speculation 17/18 -December Thread

    Well Carvers, it IS Groundhog Day after all!
  7. kvskelton

    Feb 1st-2nd 2018 Potential Snow Event.

    MRX has expanded the WWA into TRI now. Calling for 1-2" for us.
  8. kvskelton

    Feb 1st-2nd 2018 Potential Snow Event.

    MRX reminding us that travelling might be a bit dicey this time tomorrow in parts of eastern TN: Special Weather Statement National Weather Service Morristown TN 313 AM EST Thu Feb 1 2018 313 AM EST Thu Feb 1 2018 /213 AM CST Thu Feb 1 2018/ ...AREAS OF SNOW TONIGHT... Rain will spread across the Southern Appalachian Region today as a cold front moves into the area. With cooler air moving in behind the front...the rain will transition to snow this evening. The Chattanooga area could see a dusting to a few tenths of an inch of snow overnight. The Cumberland Plateau, Knoxville and Tri-Cities and surrounding areas as well as extreme Southwest North Carolina can expect a half inch to around an inch and a half of snow accumulation. With the daytime rainfall, temperatures falling below freezing tonight and accumulating snow...area roads may become slick, especially during the morning commute. If you will be traveling on area roads tonight or Friday morning, be prepared for icy or snow covered roads.
  9. kvskelton

    Winter Speculation 17/18 -December Thread

    Thanks Carvers! You're too kind. Hope your neighborhood isn't too torn up by the "improvements" going on! Hope the family's doing well! Life has been extremely busy this season for me but I've been lurking the entire time. LOL Stove! I'm more a forum curiosity. Sorta like that grumpy old man sitting on the front porch waiting to yell at the neighborhood kids to get off his lawn! And I'd love another episode of "listen to the redneck talk about all the weather he's endured!" Reminds me of Quint talking about the shark attacks in Jaws. Hope all is well with you, Sir! Thanks Nut! Life's good, just busy! Hope y'all are doing well too! Now I'll quit hijacking the thread and head back to lurkdom for a bit. But I'm here! Always watching...from the shadows...waiting to pounce! Or report obs form SW of Kingsport. Thanks for all the great disco this season, folks!
  10. kvskelton

    Winter Speculation 17/18 -December Thread

    Never give up on the current year. Sure trends may be looking unfavorable but remember that for most of us all it takes is for the cards to fall just right with one system to hit (or even exceed for some folks) our average annual snowfall. Even if all we have left is cold chasing rain until the spring warm up, I won't count the year done until mid-March. Maybe it's just having lived through the blizzard of 93 after a relatively mild winter leading up to it in my area.
  11. Sleeting in downtown Kingsport at the moment.
  12. 27 degrees in Kingsport with a DP of 15. Still have some time before any precip falls here, it seems. Y'all who are getting ZR be careful out there!!!
  13. kvskelton

    2017-2018 Winter Observations

    Flurries to light snow showers now in downtown Kingsport with a nice shade of white obscuring Bays Mountain (meaning snow between me and it, not that there's snow on the ground). Welcome to winter! Talked to a friend who's originally from TRI but now teaches school in Roswell, GA near Atlanta. He's still waiting for the school system to release. Said 2 neighboring counties have already done so. He expects traffic to be a mess when they finally dismiss for the day!
  14. kvskelton

    Fall Banter 2017 (September, October, November)

    Just informed that the shelter in place alert in areas surrounding the plant has been lifted except for a 1/2 mile area surrounding the intersection of John B Dennis Highway and Moreland Drive, as well as within all of Eastman Chemical. Thankfully, there was a fire call at 9am inside the plant and Eastman evacuated the area that experienced the explosion around 10am so currently it is believed there have been no injuries. City of Kingsport schools which were also under a shelter in place alert have returned to normal activity. Edited to add: Interestingly, today is the 57th anniversary of the 1960 explosion inside the plant that claimed the lives of 16 employees. http://www.timesnews.net/News/2015/08/29/Eastman-safety-expert-details-1960-explosion-1
  15. kvskelton

    Fall Banter 2017 (September, October, November)

    34 and Chavis... Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk