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  1. Oh man looking like an awesome Turkey day week shaping up weather wise. Figures I'll be in Europe for all of it.
  2. Some branches coming down here in eastie. Strongest gusts yet.
  3. Area wide 1-2"s? Or more?
  4. I usually walk 2 miles from the T to my office, even in a light pace I got to work SOAKED! Not fun lol
  5. Wow, stunning! I have an internal struggle between city life and my desire for that view and deep deep snow.
  6. I'm watching videos on YouTube from 2014-15 in the region and man what an epic time it was for a weenie. So glad I lived through it as a newly transplanted New Englander.
  7. How much snow does Tolland avg in Nov vs Mar?
  8. I don't think it is exactly how it was spun. In fact, here's a quote from Mr. Gore himself Not saying there was no agenda involved in some of his approach, but it isn't like there's no science to back it up.
  9. Slight hyperbole, but it definitely didn't feel mid way to Halloween today in Eastie.
  10. Where do you see Nov 1-2nd snows for SNE?
  11. I love seeing the hype when a big storm is coming around I-95 and the news talks about almost 1/3 of the population being under a WWA/WSW.
  12. 1 hour already of not having power here in Eastie
  13. No real "fall like" weather in sight other than a brief post Maria trough