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  1. Would be a welcome change from the furnace of the last few days
  2. These next 3 days will be brutal without AC ¬¬ Thinking more and more of September...
  3. I'm pretty happy with the overall pattern. Never been a fan of heat, so the longer we delay it the more I hope it doesn't really come.
  4. I don't have access to the EURO anymore, care to share what it's looking like?
  5. While I'm over this weather we've been having, I'm also not looking forward to heat. How's the LR looking?
  6. Least favorite time of the year, along with summer.
  7. I'd hit the 3km NAM. Any weenie snow maps for giggles?
  8. Hate to ask a IMBY question but the whole pike north/pike south always confuses this BOS weenie. How's it looking for us right on the pike?
  9. Pretty wet run on the GFS overall.
  10. There's a Marriott right by the aquarium (2, actually). There's the Millennium Hotel at Faneuil Hall that's usually not too expensive and lots of affordable options by the TD Garden (also really close to the orange line). To go back on topic, how was the 18z GFS? Haven't had a chance to look
  11. Assembly really is great. From the aquarium it's a 5 min walk to the orange line at State or Haymarket. Orange line to Assembly will be less than 10 mins. Super easy.
  12. Ironically the SREFs did very well for BOS on Tues.