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  1. That makes sense. I can only imagine they have a few weeks of pure hell coming.
  2. 15x higher is just mind boggling.
  3. Things are looking progressively worse for Brazil it seems.
  4. This has probably been discussed before, and forgive me if it has, but with 1 million+ confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the US, how many more unconfirmed cases could there be? Is there an algorithm or govt estimate for how many more untested/unconfirmed cases there are?
  5. Not when my rent is $1800. Working in the hospitality industry there's no one hiring. It's either take the $275 + $600 or just find a job somewhere else. I may get lucky because I work in marketing and I can take my skills elsewhere. At least in Boston I had the T, here I have a car payment plus insurance. I'll be making just enough, if not living in less.
  6. It's amazing, I moved to Florida last year. Our cap is $275.
  7. I think MA caps it at around 600 plus the extra 600.
  8. I work for Marriott, or I guess "used to work". At least the CEO won't be taking a check in 2020, even though that's symbolic, if even that. 2600 of us were furloughed from the 27th of March. Stock buybacks sure made them a ton of money in the last few years, we won't be seeing any of it.
  9. And that's just in the US.
  10. Almost 20% of those in France, US and Spain not far behind. Insane.
  11. Moved to Florida so haven't been here in a while, where's BOS at snow wise and temp for the season?
  12. 12z GFS has it up to Boston too at 288h, although I'm sure it'll change.
  13. So far, what model has done the best job at nailing down Dorian's current position?
  14. Really dodged a major bullet down here in FLL. 185mph is just crazy.