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  1. Which camera and lense are you using, if you don't mind me asking.
  2. At least I'm getting good use out of my model subscription
  3. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but why is Jose having a hard time being "organized"?
  4. Cause a bit of a hold up at Logan
  5. Some nice sounding thunder going on.
  6. Any cool weather ahead? Seems pretty mild going forward.
  7. Not sure how much weight to put on it, but 18z 3k NAM is insane for Miami/FLL.
  8. Any other news on Barbuda? As an airplane spotter seeing that Maho Beach video from St. Martin is heartbreaking, can't imagine what the residents are dealing with. My parents are in Coconut Creek, FL (maybe 8 miles from the ocean) and not thinking of evacuating. Is this a smart decision at all?
  9. Wonder if the Euro will stay West at 0z. Was actually surprised to see the GFS go east, thought it would have caved.
  10. Do we think she gets to 200mph sustained?
  11. Beast looking!
  12. Euro and GFS not that far off now.
  13. Coming back from Florida Tuesday to mid 80s is a disappointment.
  14. Sounds like a cool thing to do with the kiddo in 2024