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  1. Man if it weren't COVID times I'd be booking a flight north for Wed in a heartbeat! Haven't seen any snow since April 2019 </3
  2. Moved to Florida so haven't been here in a while, where's BOS at snow wise and temp for the season?
  3. 12z GFS has it up to Boston too at 288h, although I'm sure it'll change.
  4. So far, what model has done the best job at nailing down Dorian's current position?
  5. Really dodged a major bullet down here in FLL. 185mph is just crazy.
  6. It's nothing that people in Florida aren't used to, can't imagine much of a backlash.
  7. How late was the trend from coastal grazer to Cuba?
  8. Looks like So. Florida may just get lucky and miss it!
  9. GFS basically rains on everyone on the east coast save for maybe Key West/Miami
  10. Looks like the 12z guidance is a tiny bit further south vs yesterday?
  11. Bring this a little south and the largest metro area in FL is screwed, not a good look for the state at all.
  12. My guess is it'll stay with 9.8" from 7am About 13" in Eastie (Orient Heights)