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  1. Take a look at the forecast for Saranac Lake before and during this storm. Absolutely frigid. Usually if they are near or below zero the wedge will make it my way.
  2. Sounds like our night up here. Glad to see you cashed in after being so close in recent years.
  3. Close enough to call it a foot on the elevated surfaces here and it's still snowing. We lost power at 8:30 last night but the snow is a great insulator. This vaults past every storm IMBY except the big one in 93.
  4. Looks like about 8" here and still lightly snowing. Powers been out for an hour or so we are all sleeping by the fire tonight.
  5. I bet I've had close to 9" fall but with compaction I'm at 7" or a little more now. This is now my biggest since 1993.
  6. Still ripping here and picked up another 1" or so. Power has started to flicker frequently.
  7. Snowing at a good clip here in Bartow. These flakes are the smaller higher ratio types for the first time today. The upper levels must be cooling.
  8. Solid 5" in the grassy areas where the kids haven't been and it's still snowing lightly. Traffic wasn't horrible coming from Atlanta. Sleet mixed in until about kennesaw. I hope the HRRR is right bout the rest of it. I want an 80s style thump. Edit: we do have a little sleet.
  9. White ground in Bartow already too at 32 degrees. NAM and GFS show me dropping to 31 for a lot of the day so that will help with the daytime snow. If we even get half of what the models show it will be my biggest snow since 2011.
  10. I noticed the same thing. By the time I got to Glade road it was mostly rain. The wife said it's sticking in the grass now.
  11. I was thinking the same thing earlier that the Christmas storm would be a good analog. It snowed all day but didn't stick until sundown. We did get 3" or so then so I ended up happy.
  12. I don't know about you but I've been waiting on the I-20 rule to catch up and push this thing our way.
  13. Looked pretty good to me still. I woke up this morning on the northern edge of things and now the rain line is creeping up like 2015.
  14. Already down to 32 at 9pm this evening. Forecast says 30 but I think mid 20s seem more likely unless I'm missing something. I think I hit 44 today.