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  1. Nothing to bang the drums about, but as a few others have mentioned, watching a few opportunities for some wintry mischief next week. The first period to keep an eye on is a quick moving disturbance Tuesday, that could at the very least spark off a few snow showers. The vort is really not that far off from something a bit bigger, but would need to drift a little more west as it digs Monday night. The second, more fun disturbance to watch could be the one towards the end of the week into the weekend. Again, nothing to shout from the rooftops yet, but hey it's a few things we have to watch in the coming days imo!
  2. Timing is going to be big as usual with this type of setup. The past few days, most models were delaying the onset of precipitation till during the day Friday, and into Saturday. Just noting the early 12z data today, has shifted back to an earlier onset, Thursday evening, leading to a colder/drier airmass, and allowing for a slightly better signal for some icy concerns by Friday morning. Also, the GFS seems to become quite amped up with an inland tracking surface low up closer to the Apps, while the other guidance is indicating a low tracking further east along the coast. In the end, this may not matter much as the high slides out during the day, Friday leading to a narrow window of opportunity. Just a few thoughts to monitor in the future trends.
  3. Yep, we had several large trees come down with the heavy, wet 1"-2" in Davenport this morning.
  4. Just a few quick shots from earlier in the event around DVN.
  5. Man...it is literally pouring snow currently in Davenport. Very low visibility, main roads starting to become snow covered, and at least 1/2 to 1 on the grass, and decks/patios now. Nice early treat for sure!
  6. The Ukmet def. looks to be even a little more SW of the CMC.
  7. Pad dem stats! lol We still have all of May Radar back in Oklahoma and Missouri looking nice this evening...
  8. 00z Hi-Res NAM and RAP starting to look a little more juicy again for areas back to the southwest too.
  9. Ha! Sounds about right. A literal nowcast, wait and see mode to how radar shapes up now.
  10. Pretty impressive that the Euro has been consistent the past few days with showing 2m temps in the low to mid 30s under whereever that band sets up the during the afternoon heating on Sunday. Then, Spring break just southeast.
  11. Well we still have 72 hours or so to see if these thermals hold, and where exactly that defo band looks to setup. 12Z Euro, fairly similar to its 00z counterpart from my quick glance.
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