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  1. January 20-22nd Winter Storm

    12z Canadian also shifted south a bit; although not as much as the 12z GFS.
  2. January 14-15th Clipper System

    Yep, I was just about to say it's finally looking like a snowstorm out there in the QC! Big flakes and the wind is whipping them around real nice, along with the blowing powdery snow from earlier! Nice scene out the window late tonight.
  3. Winter 2017-18 Medium/Long Range Disco

    12z GFS seems to still be onboard. It's a nice picture to look at, that's for sure! Ha
  4. January 11-13 Winter Storm

    After an hour or two of sleet, finally seeing a little light snow in DVN with temps down to 20 from that nice 53 this morning.
  5. January 11-13 Winter Storm

    Frz. Rain has just now started mixing with and changing over to Sleet in DVN. Nice sound off the windows
  6. January 2018 Discussion

    Yep, dramatic temp drop. Literally in the low 50s to 30s in minutes. Now looks like a decent period of moderate freezing rain, with some light snow to wrap things up this afternoon, along with a Flash freeze likely with all the water everywhere. Should be a fun afternoon commute.
  7. January 11-13 Winter Storm

    Hmmm, 12z Ukmet did make a pretty significant shift NW...
  8. December 25 - ? Arctic Cold

    Getting pretty icy to our south.
  9. January 6-8 Snow/Ice/Rain

    Looks like the new Euro, and the rest of the 12Z data is keying in on around a slushy 1" or so from the wintry mix around the Quad Cities on Sunday. Most data now brings the precip up to at least the I-80 corridor, with of course the NAM and RGEM being the wetter solutions. Either way, should be a nice, novel event for us.
  10. December 28-31 Snow Systems

    Yep, woke up to a nice surprise heavy dusting to 1/2 inch in Davenport. Roadways are a mess this early morning on my way into work.
  11. December 28-31 Snow Systems

    Yea the official at MLI as of 6pm is 5.1inches with 3.9 of that since noon.
  12. December 28-31 Snow Systems

    Yea, this has really been a very nice event down here near I-80. A little better than I expected to be honest.
  13. December 28-31 Snow Systems

    Wow, remarkable size increase in the past hour here in Davenport. Heavy snow now w/ very low visibility. Big fat flakes for about the past 20-30 minutes!
  14. December 21st-23rd Winter Storm

    WSI Exp. Thunder model is very similar to the 12z GFS with the two wave (stronger 2nd wave) idea...