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  1. Stovepipe

    Winter 'Tis the Season Banter Thread 2018-2019

    Interesting article on the Blizzard of '49 in South Dakota. https://rapidcityjournal.com/news/local/blizzard-of-pounded-region-years-ago/article_3efd3a93-5af9-5b95-86e1-9cf262a21cdc.html?utm_source=fark&utm_medium=website&utm_content=link&ICID=ref_fark#2
  2. Stovepipe

    The Garden Thread

    Glad to hear you had a good year Carvers! I too have been thinking about and trying to prepare for spring. This past year was a "rebuilding year" so to speak for me and I did not grow nearly as much quantity of annual crops as in the past. By that I mean I focused on getting new beds up and running, soil building, and planting perennials such as berry bushes and fruit trees. I've ramped up composting and have winter rye cover crop in most of the beds. The plan is to go all in on tomatoes next year and do some serious canning. When I have some time, I'll share my experience with Hugelkultur that turned out to be very successful and should provide benefits for years to come. Also, I had success growing Sunn Hemp as a warm season cover crop in some beds. That turned into a forest of 10 to 15 foot high plants with beautiful yellow flowers. That was all chopped down, thrown in the Hugelkultur beds, covered in leaf compost and chicken dirt before being seeded with winter rye in October. I'll be growing a lot more Sunn Hemp next year all over the property and using that biomass to improve beds and composting. Looking forward to talking shop with you about seeds since you're the seed friggin master! I'm planning to rig up several LED light bars in my little portable green house for tomato seedlings come February. Lots to do and not much time to do it, but it feels good when everything falls into place!
  3. Stovepipe

    December 8-10 Storm Obs

    It’s also snowing really hard! .
  4. Stovepipe

    December 8-10 Storm Discussion

  5. Stovepipe

    December 8-10 Storm Discussion

    This is certainly an interesting case study of the modeling if nothing else. I hope a decent chunk of the forum gets to enjoy some snow falling at some point. Temps have always been a concern here in west Knox. It would take incredible rates and a lot of luck for us to see anything crazy. Day ain't over yet though!
  6. Stovepipe

    December 8-10 Storm Discussion

    Euro rolled!
  7. Stovepipe

    December 8-10 Storm Discussion

    Thanks to everyone that has been posting model run updates as well as great discussion! I've been too busy lately to get in the trenches, y'all rock. Can anyone share some of that sweet sweet Euro text data by chance? Curious about temps at TYS. It's at least looking like, if we don't get stickage here, I'll only have to drive a short ways towards TRI to play in the good stuff.
  8. Stovepipe

    December 8-10 Storm Discussion

    I don't consider it the official start to winter until I get NAM'd for the first time. On the occasion I like to pour some whiskey, look out the window towards the planets, then pull up Earl Barker's NAM clowns on my screen. Ah the memories! http://www.wxcaster.com/regional_snowfall.htm
  9. Stovepipe

    December 8-10 Storm Discussion

    Being older and wiser now, if this storm pans out, you're going to be well stocked on cigarettes and beer and not bother the police, right?
  10. Stovepipe

    December 8-10 Storm Discussion

    John done got TROWAL'd!
  11. Stovepipe

    Tn Valley Severe Weather Nov 5-6

    Lots of trees and limbs down in west Knox. Power has been out for about 7 hours now at my house. I'm wondering how this might affect voting today.
  12. Stovepipe

    ENSO 2018-2019

  13. Stovepipe

    Spring/Summer 2018 Mid to Long Term Discussion.

    The last several runs of the GFS have shown temps at or near 100 degrees here for Friday. MRX is going with 90. That's a pretty significant difference. Be interesting to see how hot we get.
  14. Stovepipe

    Spring/Summer 2018 Observations

    I was camping at lake Allatoona in north GA from last Saturday though Thursday. The storms were all around us but we generally managed to get lucky with no hail or extreme wind at our location. The light show was friggin amazing. At one point a storm cloud was shooting bolts at the full moon. Epic stuff.
  15. Stovepipe

    Spring/Summer 2018 Observations

    Some great pictures in this thread! I've been terribly unlucky with afternoon/evening storms this season. They have been moving all around me, sometimes literally within a mile or two, giving me the cool air and breeze but no rain. I've been watering every other day. The red clay where only grass is trying to grow has been cracked for weeks. Having said that, I got very lucky last night when a cell formed right on top of me. A nice moderate shower that lasted 20 minutes or so. I'll take what I can get!