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  1. I have to ask, what kind of weather station are you rocking up there John? You're always coming through with the precise measurements, which is appreciated! One of these days I'm going to cave on a nice system but I keep putting it off for one reason or another.
  2. The RAP is really coming in weak for this, but radar looks decent. Be interesting to see how it plays out here. Schools delayed a couple hours already bracing for it.
  3. GFS is flirting with a first freeze here early next week. Guess I need to get off my arse and winterize the camper.
  4. Boys, this might be the year. We're in the middle of a got-danged pandemic, we're gonna analyze every farkin ensemble of every farkin model run UNTIL WE DIAL US IN A FLIZZARD OF EPIC PERCEPTIONS!
  5. That's great man! It's nice to try different experiments every year. I'm with you, I've gained much respect for ancestors and how they lived with this gardening journey. I've had my hands full with my first outdoor hemp harvest the past few weeks. It has been laborious but satisfying and I've learned a lot. I still have several more plants to cut down and process, some of which I'm going to save until after first frost to see how that affects flower potency. Between harvesting, drying, trimming, and curing it's been some work but I believe I'll have some nice organic medicine to peddle soon. Pro tip: Composted chicken poop makes for great cannabis fertilizer! Some plants reached 8 feet high before leaning over from the weight of dense flowers. I'll get some pictures up soon.
  6. 12z NAM MOS predicting a nuke at TYS:
  7. It's amazing how much rain you've gotten lately. I've had a cell come over me for a good downpour about every other day for several days in a row, so I can't complain. But you're getting WAY more than SW Knox. Are you east or west of I75 if you don't mind me asking?
  8. Nothing at all this afternoon. A light shower earlier in the morning.
  9. Stealing all my drops! At least I got a cool breeze off it.
  10. Yep, SW Knox has been screwed too. Stuff gets going in elevation, sometimes wanders into the valley but areas like mine just don't have the luck of storms steering into us. Micro-climates are interesting.