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  1. R.I.P. frogs. Every one is probably strangled by now! I also had 1.5 inches yesterday and as of 6:30pm today an additional 3. Still pouring hard. I'm expecting Knox County Schools to close tomorrow for flooding. Edit: 4 inches today as of 9pm.
  2. Oh yeah, and great range too. It transmits to the console and from there it uploads directly to the cloud. It's sensor array seems to be the most common on Wunderground. I added a lightning detector and will eventually add soil moisture sensors.
  3. I went with the Ambient Weather WS-2000.
  4. The weather station has me at 0.93 inches of rain today. One of it's first real workouts. We'll see what Sunday brings.
  5. Nice! It's a downscaling year for me. I've got a bunch of other things going on so I'm just going to buy a few plants.
  6. I'm burned out from seeing clown maps, then checking the meteograms and seeing a bottoming out of 34-35 degrees and knowing that will be a fat flaked dusting at best for here. I've really become conditioned to hate the word "marginal". Just the sound of it makes me nauseous. Marginal. Blah
  7. I appreciate the obs western neighbor!
  8. Back to sloppy flakes. Turning out pretty much how I expected for here. 33.4 with dew of 31.
  9. Switched over to rain here. That might be all she wrote.
  10. I don't know about Farragut, but at Pellissippi and Northshore it's frozen falling.
  11. Now I've got some moderate sleet going, with some flakes mixed in. Already have a sloppy dusting on surfaces. Temp 34.7 Dew 30.
  12. Agreed, that one will go down in the forum history books. Jim Cantore level s***
  13. Dude walked into the middle of interstate 40, that's dedication! You are a true asset to this community, thank you for your service!
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