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March 9-10 Winter Storm


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7 hours ago, Powerball said:


What say you?

I was on the desk today and one can see where there are advisories now in our CWA. Can add that the reason midnight shift didn't issue more advisories was due to feeling the set-up is fragile (due to temps) and the snow accum forecast uncertain more so than not thinking the forecast would warrant one if it held. Nothing major changed today (the forecast held) so advisories were expanded. Snow was still 24 or so hours out early this morning so midnight shift didn't necessarily need to issue advisories yet. I can see an argument that maybe not issuing just for Lucas (which some may have found misleading) and holding off altogether would've been better, but Toledo was completely boxed in otherwise and they felt confident enough that Lucas was pretty fail safe which is why they did what they did. 

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8 hours ago, hardypalmguy said:

Hoping it's all rain and they are left with their pants down on this one.  MKE is 38F.  Going to take a lot of dynamic cooling to get it to where this piles up.


6 hours ago, Chicago Storm said:

DVN went from 39 to 34 in less than an hour as precip moved in. So it can and will happen.


5 hours ago, hardypalmguy said:

MKE up to 39.  Gonna be fun to see what happens.

39 was the peak temp at MKE.

Down to 34 with +SN now.

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51 minutes ago, michaelmantis said:

Looking like North of I-90 in IL has started as snow and I'm 5 miles south in Kane County and nothing yet. That doughnut hole needs to close or the "sharp cut off" will be closer to I-90 than I-88!

50 minutes later and that changed fast. Cotton balls falling, very pretty. I'll take it. 

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4 minutes ago, cyclone77 said:

We had rates that were probably pushing 2" per hour there for awhile.  Already up over 3".  Pretty impressive/efficient snowfall late this afternoon.  

Is this your biggest event for the winter?  

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30 minutes ago, tuanis said:

Leaving work in Rosemont. White rain, 37 degrees. Looks and sounds like rain on the windshield.

No accumulation til Route 22, dropped to 32 (per my car) near Route 60. Closing in on an inch at home. Starting to stick to pavement and coming down pretty good.



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