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  1. (Probably not all that accurate) measurement of 2 inches in last 90 minutes. There was a huge burst of snow for 15 minutes that just ripped and got the roads/sidewalks covered. Looking at the deck we have at least 4 inches but it is compressing very quickly after accumulating...
  2. We are never happy are we ;-) Starting to get slushy on roads here and if this keeps up there definitely will be road impacts. Can only imagine if this keeps up for most of the day. Just set up a timelapse camera as this storm will be one to remember!
  3. These have to be the fattest snowflakes of the entire season... Just absolutely ripping right now...
  4. Sounds like someone throwing BB's at the window. Does look like the snow is going to stay around and north of the IL/WI state line. So close to a decent accumulation. Wonder how conditions are going to be in the morning, I can't see how school buses will be able to get around at 6 AM in some of the rural roads of Kane County.
  5. Damn right... Just shoved another 1.5 inches or so and some nice flakes out there now... Had to get the end of the driveway shoveled for the 3rd time. (City of Elgin plows amazingly but I didn't want that to freeze up tonight with the temps crashing!!!)
  6. It's like grains of fine sand falling out here. I'm throwing in the towel and calling it a night. If I wake up to 3 inches in the morning I'll be surprised. The timing and blowing around is going to make travel horrendous in the AM so I don't fault my daughter's school being canceled.
  7. Wind slightly picking up a bit (ELGIN IL) a first very fine flakes started a few minutes ago...
  8. I am sure there are different schools of thought on this, but is there a point of diminishing returns with the increasing number of models out there? Not sure what that number is (or could also see the view of more data never hurts). Going back to someone’s post from a few hours ago, my total layman’s view is that “forecasting” risks becoming just “averaging the models” vs. intuition, climatology, and training.
  9. Ever think of a side career as a counselor/therapist? :-) Forecasts like this have to be hard for your office. People go to bed with one message and wake up with “reality” (either way it’s hard to be right on the nose...) Thanks for your posting, love the actual expert views and insight into thinking...
  10. Don’t post that cr*p here... ;-) Debbie downer type map right there for NE IL. Have a feeling people are going to wake up many places surprised (both with more and less snow than expected). Lots of variables here.
  11. One of the things that may make tomorrow AM miserable is any type of wind. It will compound the clearing of roads. Makes an “advisory level” snow a hugely impacting event. The timing also just could not be worse.
  12. “Warning” is 6 inches in 6 hours or 8 inches in 12 hours right? Wind impacts = Blizzard headlines correct? Believe we are supposed to get some wind with this but not enough to meet criteria? I’m right on the LOT 4-6/6-8 line and the timing of this is going to be awful for AM commute and school.
  13. We talking shoveling a driveway with a spoon south? ;-)
  14. Timing seems awful for commute/school start. Only saving grace is it will be overnight while many cars off road but with heavy rates and blowing not sure that will make any difference.
  15. That works for me... Probaby not enough around here to cancel school Monday. Wednesday (read the latest LOT AFD) May be another story with *temps* at -20 in the morning...