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November Banter 2022

George BM

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4 minutes ago, mdhokie said:

@WxWatcher007 What did they use to clear the street? Almost looked like a snowblower the way the edge by the parked cars looks. Where do they put all the snow?

I’ve seen large and small plows used. They’ve just piled it up on the side of the streets and corners. It’s been quiet here this afternoon so it has been easier than points south. Still a lot of icy streets.

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1 hour ago, nw baltimore wx said:

I still don’t agree with it. Essentially took a home game away from the Bills. The could have played somewhere in Buffalo.

Where?  They couldn't have known that UBuffalo was a realistic possibility at the decision point.

Teams lose home games every year because of the overseas games.  This isn't that big of a deal.  Plus, Buffalo now gets an advantage next week that has only rarely happened in NFL history - a second consecutive game in the same away stadium.

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2 hours ago, WxUSAF said:

Repainted the snow board with semigloss to help reflect more sunlight. Just need to refill the liquid N2 tank and it will be ready for winter!

Just think of all the freezing rain you'll collect as well, with liquid N2 cooling that snow board!!!  You'll be at 50 degrees but getting 1/2 to 1" of ice accretion on that small area!!

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