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November 2022 OBS/DISC

Baroclinic Zone

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1 hour ago, Spanks45 said:

Both older kids had basketball tryouts yesterday, otherwise we would have made the trek to Watertown. Closer to here and alot more Air BNBs available....

Kicking myself now, probably could have left afterwards and still beat the beginning of the band up there.

Hope it snows here soon, might have to head to Vermont to find snow.

Watertown area getting obliterated 

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5 minutes ago, WxWatcher007 said:

I’ve been on the north side and it’s been amazing. The stuff from Hamburg is unreal.

This lull sucks I want more snow :lol: 

Patience my friend, it's coming back up your way. I'm looking at the band over the lakes and it's starting to pulsate back north and they said it will definitely go back north this evening and tonight. You'll get a lot more. I'm so jealous lol I jokingly said to my 9-year-old, let's take a road trip. She was like. Like yeah let's go. Love this girl





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Lol.. and it starts again. 

I banging it all on something happening next weekend. Climatologically, it takes a lot to have us get a really good storm at the end of November ( when it comes to snow in southern New England ).  It does happen and we've had them, but I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't. We all know it's a numbers game game and there's going to be a lot of model runs that will show storms. And as we all know, maybe 25% of them come to fruition...  if that.

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