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Wake me Up....when September Ends....

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26 minutes ago, powderfreak said:

Never going to even know who Stein was by the end of the warm season…  all that drought talk for naught at the end of the day?  Like a couple rainers away from Flood Watches if this pans out.

EURO and GFS and GGEM.


Thinking the GGEM looks more realistic.

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Real shallow cool air moving in up north.

Still 59F at BTV and 61F at MVL.... but also 61F at 4,000ft on Mount Mansfield.

Rare this time of year to have an afternoon feature cooler temps in the lowest 1,000 feet slice of the atmosphere than up at summit level/near 850mb.

Be curious to hear how this post might be confusing to anyone.

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2 minutes ago, TauntonBlizzard2013 said:

Agree, many models signaling CT to get the jack. However, still a decent rain for almost all. 18z gfs has 48 hours straight of measurable precip for our area. Still ends up 2”+

It may move around too. But I’ll be happy with 1-2”. Don’t need a washout.

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23 minutes ago, CoastalWx said:

It may move around too. But I’ll be happy with 1-2”. Don’t need a washout.

The DIT reverse psychology strikes again.  May need to try it this winter.

”Congrats NNE, wagons North.”

”Congrats PA, NJ, LI, going to trend far south.”

And then… CT jack?

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18 minutes ago, eekuasepinniW said:

Quite a bit more lightning out there than the single strike shown would indicate. 

Lots of thunder and lightning with that Sanbornton cell. I think it’s mostly CGs that get picked up…so probably a lot of in-cloud types.

7 minutes ago, wxeyeNH said:

Yeah,  just watching the cells form just SE of me.  Frustrating to say the least

I’m a pixel away from an inch yet have had maybe 2 drops. I need to step away.

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