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Feb 23-25th Winter Storm

Chicago Storm

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6 hours ago, StormChaser4Life said:

GOAT thread starter right here. This one has potential for a good thumping on someone. Another big surge of moisture over cold air mass pressing south. Could end up quite south and weak like GFS suggests or a bit stronger and north like Euro suggests. 


I'm thinking Mchenry snow, Cary, and Cyclone  might say otherwise. And it already has that look.

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This could be respectably spread the wealth if it plays out right.  Hopefully so for some areas that have not gotten much snow.

I'd be feeling cautiously optimistic for Chicago.  Even if the heaviest system snow passes south, there is a decent signal for lake contribution.

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17 minutes ago, Baum said:

maybe it's a good thing this event doesn't have a model showing a swath of 20" somewhere 6 days out.


10 minutes ago, Stevo6899 said:

Reverse psychology, genius. Those 20" solutions haven't verified so maybe now they'll sneak into a storm soon. 

Glad we all are thinking the same thing :D

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