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  1. Wow PIA got soaked. Nearly 3" in an hour and over 5" for the event
  2. I'm near Goodfield which is about halfway between Bloomington and Peoria. We got missed by pretty much everything last month.
  3. Had some nice storms yesterday, nothing crazy but it brought some desperately needed rain (and lightning ) Received about 3/4" of rain which was more than the entire month of June here.
  4. CRAZY tornado in Minnesota yesterday! This is some of the most ridiculous tornado footage I've ever seen.
  5. I wonder if the decrease in flights will cause a noticeable uptick in daily high temps during this heatwave. My area is absolutely scorched, less than an inch of rain in the past 40 days. I hope we can at least get a consolation derecho out of this.
  6. finished June with less than an inch of rain my poor plants https://twitter.com/ILClimatologist/status/1278052191870300161
  7. I'm really hoping I can get some rain in the next few days. While most areas nearby have been soaked, I've been missed by nearly everything and my area is bone dry. Even the crops are looking bad here at this point. There have been some interesting models runs regarding the low in Western IL, although this morning's runs weren't nearly as hopeful for that "inland hurricane" look.
  8. I got missed by most of the rain yesterday and didn't even see a single flash of lightning clouds looked cool though at least. I can at least agree that 2020 has lacked lightning for my local area. That being said the last week of September 2019 brought me a couple of the most violent lightning storms I have ever witnessed, so not all hope is lost for me yet
  9. Some nice towers going up here as well. If anything pops up close enough I'll take a drive to enjoy some lightning at least.
  10. Quite a temp swing for Caribou this June!!
  11. For what it's worth, the Spanish flu actually mutated to become much more deadly than what it was at the beginning of the pandemic. It did go on to become less deadly after that though, in some part due to the more severe strains killing people faster than it could spread. With the new coronavirus, there really isn't a driving force to cause the virus to become weaker in time. Incubation period is about 5 days, and for those who die, average time from symptoms to death is about 18 days. This means that people that have contracted a fatal case can still spend more than a week going about their daily activities, spreading the virus. With the Spanish flu, some people were dying the same day they showed their first symptoms, and this type of presentation limited spread. The coronavirus is a slow bake without a mechanism like this to favor weaker strains. I don't expect this virus to start killing young people in numbers like the Spanish flu. I am concerned, however, about the potential long term effects of the virus (lung/heart/nerve damage) or even autoimmune issues. I'm fairly young, but I'm avoiding this virus like the plague.
  12. I chased the supercell that went over Washburn, IL earlier. I ended up getting right under the main rotation and there was some wicked motion. I can't wait to look through my footage on this one!
  13. Peoria, IL recorded its 4th latest freeze on record. The damage is starting to show on the trees here. My hickories and tuliptree have lost half of their leaves already l love extreme weather, but I'd be happy to never see another May freeze here again. Maybe it's time I move south.
  14. Another cold soaker of rain here today. I think I'm the outlier here in that I'll always welcome a late April washout as it makes the morel mushroom/spring garden season so much better I chased the same supercell that IllinoisWedges chased yesterday. No tornadoes but I had a bunch of fun regardless. I captured this insane lightning bolt on my dash cam on the way home.