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  1. fluoronium

    May 2019 Discussion

    Just realized that the temps on May 3rd were the first below average daily temps in May since 2017 for some locations in IL (Lincoln and Springfield at least) as last May had 0 days below average. Yesterday was super nice, but it's back to cool/cloudy yet again today. Normally I'd complain about this kind of weather, but the constant rain and lack of hot/sunny stretches has led to an unbelievably awesome morel mushroom season. I've picked so many I'm giving them away to friends/family because I cannot possibly eat them all.
  2. If LOT pulls the trigger on a WSW, would this be the latest in the season they have ever issued one? I don't know where to find this info. I'm actually considering driving north to snow chase. Normally I hate spring snow, but this is just too wild. It looks like the majority of the snow will fall during the day in IL/WI which is literally insane.
  3. fluoronium

    Fall/Winter 2018-19 Complaint/Banter Thread

    Found my first morel of the season yesterday, which is about a week later than normal for me. This has shifted later in recent years though. It's hard to believe that I'm sitting within 1ºF of average this month as it feels like it's torching here compared to last year. Thunderstorms have been lacking, but there have been so many nice warm days that it's really hard to complain. To top it off that freak snowstorm last week ended up being an incredible event to witness. Normally I abhor the thought of snow in April, but the sheer intensity of the snow followed by such a dramatic warm up to the mid 70's two days later was something I have never seen before.
  4. fluoronium

    April 14-15 Snow Potential

    Still snowing here but now it is melting faster than it is falling. Max depth I got to was about 3" of total slush. Lots of small branches down. It is supposed to be 75F just two days from now. The first snow of the season was October 12, which was over 6 months ago. I normally would be unhappy about snow this late in the season, but the sheer intensity of it at this time of the year was actually pretty cool. Also unlike last April, there is warm weather immediately ahead. I really hope this was the last snow of the season though.
  5. fluoronium

    April 14-15 Snow Potential

    This is some of the heaviest snow I've ever seen. Unfortunately no thundersnow here though. A big branch fell onto my raspberry patch and smashed a bunch of my plants. The wind has been pretty strong too. I took the picture on the left yesterday, and the one on the right this morning.
  6. fluoronium

    April 14-15 Snow Potential

    Snow absolutely dumping now. Have about 2" on concrete on everything. A few smaller branches are down from the heavy weight of the slush on the budding trees. I have never seen such heavy snow after the flowers and trees have bloomed out.
  7. fluoronium

    Spring/Summer 2019 Complaint/Banter Thread

    Am I allowed to complain about the fantasy range on the forecast models? Reason being is that all of that snow for my area on the GFS/FV3 (and even a bit on the Euro) is a bit frightening. I don't think my morale can handle another "winter in April" like last year, and my plants certainly wouldn't appreciate it either.
  8. fluoronium

    Winter 2018-19 Grade Thread

    Solid B here. Highlights were the tornado outbreak on December 1st, early January warm spell, and the 11" snowstorm on Jan 12th. Worst part of the winter was February. Somehow we managed a long streak of below average temps/above average precip with almost no snow. I lost count of how many times we had 33 and rain. If it isn't going to snow I'd rather it be torching outside. Now onto "spring" which is starting out as an F here...
  9. fluoronium

    Fall/Winter 2018-19 Complaint/Banter Thread

    Dropped to -2F here last night on a nearly bare ground. In March. No thanks.
  10. fluoronium

    Fall/Winter 2018-19 Complaint/Banter Thread

    The number of 33 and rain events I had this past week was incredibly disappointing. I seriously would have preferred a crippling ice storm over that. Now I will say that the thunderstorm that rolled through here very early on the 6th was pretty interesting as I had never seen such heavy precip at only 33 degrees.
  11. fluoronium

    January 24 - 31 Cold Blast

    It is amazing to see the NWS have all time STATE lowest temperatures in their official forecast. I found some places on the point and click map with a low of -37F. This is an incredible event. I won't see quite as ridiculous temps where I live but Peoria is supposed to tie their all time low temp at -27F.
  12. fluoronium

    January 24 - 31 Cold Blast

    The -36ºF at Congerville is considered the official record. From the IL State Climatologist Website: https://www.isws.illinois.edu/statecli/General/averages.htm
  13. fluoronium

    Fall/Winter 2018-19 Complaint/Banter Thread

    To add to the extreme climate discussion, North Dakota recorded a low of -60ºF and a high of 121ºF less than 5 months from each other in 1936. https://www.weather.gov/bis/climate_EXT As for my complaints, I am concerned that this bitter cold snap is going to kill half of my fruit trees. I live in USDA plant hardiness zone 5b which means an average annual minimum temperature of -10ºF to -15ºF. We have gotten below that the past 3 out of five years here. Recent updates to the map have most areas warmer than what they were in the past, but if polar vortex visits are going to become more common here, lots of places in the midwest will need to be dropped a zone.
  14. fluoronium

    Hybrid Clipper Event 1/27-1/29

    I remember a storm in 2003 where there were severe thunderstorm warnings issued in central IL for a line of thunderstorms/heavy snow associated with a strong cold front. Is there any possibility of that kind of event with a setup like this for those south of the low? This storm system looks to take a similar path to the 2003 storm, and the forecast models are picking up on a line of precip associated with the cold front. I would love to see something like that again. We had a short burst of whiteout conditions with tons of lightning, and the wind blew the snow in my yard into snow rollers. Some info on the 2003 storm can be found here: https://journals.ametsoc.org/doi/full/10.1175/2008WAF2007103.1
  15. fluoronium

    Late January-Early February Clipper Train

    ILX just issued a SWS for 1-2" of fluffy snow this afternoon. This combined with the surprise ~2.5" of fluff I got yesterday is an excellent consolation prize for the potential rain I'm going to get on Monday.